12 Beachy Father's Day Gifts That'll Kick Dad's Summer Off With a Bang

by Christina Marfice
Jun 2, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. ET

Father's Day is on June 18 this year — the perfect time to get him some beachy gifts!

This post is sponsored by Nautica.

1 /13: Seaweed- and sea salt-scented bar soap

1/13 :Seaweed- and sea salt-scented bar soap

Seaweed and salt don't seem like they would make for a super-refreshing soap, but they do. He'll practically feel the sea breeze through his hair as he's showering. (OldWhalingCompany/Etsy, $40)

2/13 :Sailboat bow tie

Get out of here with how cute this sailboat bow tie is. Total clam-bake attire. (HandmadeByEmy/Etsy, $40)

3 /13: 1920s sailboat art print

3/13 :1920s sailboat art print

The vintagey feel of this print coupled with the sailboat image is perfect for summer. (ScarletBlvd/Etsy, $80)

4/13 :Nautica Voyage Sport

Nautica Voyage Sport Eau de Toilette will leave him feeling crisp and clean — like he just stepped off a sailboat. (Macy’s, $63)

5 /13: Personalized handstamped keychain

5/13 :Personalized handstamped keychain

Customized gifts are the best gifts, especially on Father's Day. Throw in a sea-themed quote or saying on this keychain for a beachy vibe. (SeaLifeSparle/Etsy, $16)

6/13 :Leather strap watch

This watch's clean look is actually designed to mimic the horizon's arced lines — and we are in love with the deep ocean blue of the face. (Nordstrom, $155)

7 /13: Mother of pearl cufflinks

7/13 :Mother of pearl cufflinks

Cufflinks for Father's Day are cool. Mother of pearl cufflinks for Father's Day are bomb.com. These are a splurge, but they'll last forever. (Nordstrom, $350)

8 /13: Mantry snack subscription box

8/13 :Mantry snack subscription box

Snacks at the beach are imperative, and Mantry customizable food subscription boxes will make sure he will never go hungry by the sea again. (Mantry, $59 and up)

9 /13: Fishing pole campfire roaster

9/13 :Fishing pole campfire roaster

What’s better than a bonfire on the beach? Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs on the beach, of course. Add in a cute fishing pole design and you've got perfection. (Uncommon Goods, $20)

10/13 :Land shark

There is not a yard on Earth that doesn’t need a land shark. Dad will love it. Trust. (Uncommon Goods, $180)

11/13 :Kettlepizza oven

He loves pizza. He loves a beach barbecue. With an oven insert that turns his grill into a pizza oven, his worlds can collide. (Kettlepizza, $140 and up)

12 /13: Carved wood phone case

12/13 :Carved wood phone case

Doesn't this phone case totally remind you of an old-school surfboard? Available in sizes to fit most iPhone and Android models. (Carved, $24 and up)

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