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7 Surprisingly Family-Friendly Destinations

Want to get out of town? Or more specifically out of the country?

While a decade (or even five years) ago, you might’ve haphazardly packed a last-minute carry-on before heading out to catch your flight, these days your cargo is more precious. As a parent, you not only have to pack for your kids (or at least supervise the process), but you have to be mindful of safety, entertainment and long flights to keep them occupied, healthy and happy.

Showing your children the world and witnessing them experience a variety of cultures can be a life-changing experience, but selecting the most family-friendly destinations can be a challenge, especially if you’re headed to a foreign country that you’re totally unfamiliar with.

Ahead, check out some surprising destinations around the globe that will be just as fun and exciting for you and your little ones.

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