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9 Badass Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Love You for Giving Her

Even if it’s a Hallmark holiday, no one’s going to argue against a day devoted to the women who brought us into being. What I will argue against, though, are the bland, boring, clichéd Mother’s Day gifts most of us give our moms year after year. 

Sure, that’s a nice bathrobe, box of chocolates and bouquet, but let’s get real. What does your mom really need in her life? She probably could stand to get laid, drink some nice wine and upgrade her loungewear to something not just comfy, but also cute as hell. And you’re just the person to give her that fun, edgy gift that no one else in her life would think (or have the balls) to give her.

Ahead, nine great gifts that your mom is highly unlikely to buy herself, and yet would probably be pretty psyched to get. Let’s shake up Mother’s Day this year, shall we?

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