This Hilarious Trump Activity Book Will Make You Laugh for a Good Cause

If there’s one positive thing that’s come out of our ultra-divided political climate, it’s people stepping up to the plate to create change. From kids writing postcards to Betsy DeVos to a mom launching a free daily text service to help spur action, we love seeing people’s creative initiatives that are making an impact, large and small. Our new favorite: Bad Fibs, a smart and satirical activity book that puts a fresh spin on mad libs to help people laugh about the oh-so-serious stuff in our country — not to make light of it, but simply to get through it.

Created by Meghan Martinez and Becca Masterson, the book includes activities like Spell Check Donnie’s Tweets, Who Said It Best — Donnie or Dictator, Global Warming Quizz, Bad Fibs Drinking Game and more. And the best part of their endeavor, which will no doubt entertain and comfort everyone who uses it, is that a portion of the book’s proceeds go to the ACLU. That’s called walking your talk!

“After the election, I realized the news and fear and anger were weighing me down,” says Martinez. “When I saw Melissa McCarthy’s SNL impression of Sean Spicer, I had an a-ha moment — it was a brilliant piece of comedic resistance, and right then, I chose comedy as my drug of choice for the next four years — or impeachment, whichever comes first.”

When Martinez asked Masterson about teaming up on the project, she said yes right away, saying she found the idea particularly appealing because the election had taken a real toll on her adopted son, who was born in China. “He was too young to grasp the nuances of legal citizenship and spent several months fearing deportation,” says Masterson. Heartbreaking! “Having maneuvered my son back to feeling safe, I was ready to leave the political doom and gloom and jump headfirst into a creative, humorous way to resist.”

Using humor and creativity to make real change and also provide an outlet for the intense emotions everyone’s feeling right now is downright brilliant. “With Bad Fibs, we can mock the White House circus, make people laugh and support the ACLU. It’s a win-win-win.” Gotta say, we agree — check out the photos of Bad Fibs ahead as well as a special deal for SheKnows readers on the latest Bad Fibs product.


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