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If You Haven’t Made Cascarones Yet, You Need to — Here’s How

My junior year of college was probably one of the best years of my life — partially due to the fact that I had a fabulous housemate named Maria, and partially due to the fact that I only had to take 12 credit hours during the fall semester (read: I had way more time than usual to binge-watch Netflix). 

Maria’s parents grew up in Mexico, and each year they made cascarones for Easter, so when Easter rolled around my junior year, Maria taught us how to make (and use) her family’s favorite spring tradition. My housemates and I loved this easy and fun craft so much that we all continue to make them each year with our own families. 

So, what exactly are cascarones and what do you do with them? Essentially, they are confetti-filled eggs that you can use in a water balloon-esque manner to shower your friends and family in sparkly confetti. The tradition dates back to Mexico in the mid-1800s and is still a treasured family tradition today. 

Click through our tutorial to see how you can make them with your own family. 

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