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17 Best Drugstore Dupes for Expensive Beauty Products

If you’ve ever bought an expensive beauty product—and by expensive, we mean something you stalked and obsessed over for at least two weeks before finally mustering up the courage to spend a dumb amount of money on it—you probably understand better than anyone the nuances of a love-slash-hate relationship. Like, yes, you love your money-sucking product as dearly as a newborn, and the formula definitely helps justify the cost, but at the same time, you hate that you’ve fallen in love with the money-sucker, because it’s literally draining your funds.

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And though we dream of having drawers overflowing with the most luxurious, cult-favorite products, it’s not always possible—or, as we’ve come to realize, even necessary. Because there are actually tons and tons of shockingly excellent drugstore products out there that are almost exact dupes of your all-time favorites at only a small, itty bitty fraction of the price. No, really; they’re that good.

And to really prove it to you, we spent an exorbitant amount of time trolling beauty forums, makeup artist and hairstylist recommendations, and comparing ingredients lists of drugstore products to that of high-end products (yes, we really did that) to find you the very best of the best drugstore dupes. Keep reading to find your new favorite beauty swaps, and give your wallet a little breather this month.

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by Alexandra Warner


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