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Your guide to the travel essentials you need for 2017

Ok, so I know we’ve only been back at work for, like, a day—but as far as I’m concerned, that’s enough real life for one week. Who else is ready for a vacation?

I’m not sure what it is about holidays that breeds the urge to book further travel, stat—maybe the envy-inducing Instagrams from friends’ jaunts to Aspen and Mexico? The prospect of returning to months of dreary gray slush?—but I, for one, have been stalking ticket-deal sites and Air BnB listings like it’s my job (it’s helped, of course, that I’ve had a few weeks away from my actual job to do so).

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Anecdotal evidence (read: group texts) tells me I’m not alone here, so in the interest of spreading the travel bug—and helping you avoid some of the headaches you no doubt faced getting home for the holidays and back—I’ve rounded up some of the essentials you should pack and wear for any trip in 2017. For the most part, these don’t discriminate based on destination or mode of transportation—they’re just as useful for a girls’ weekend in Vermont as they are for a romantic beach getaway with the S.O. In the slideshow, you’ll find airport-friendly shoes, slick smart luggage, and handy gadgets you’ll actually use—just in time to start planning your next escape from reality.

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