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7 women-helping-women brands to know and support

If ever there was a time to support women-owned brands, it’s the present—and even better if those brands are also committed to helping other women, whether at home or abroad. After all, ’tis the season for shopping, and putting your dollars towards companies that are making an impact on something beyond their own bottom lines is one way you can do good while crossing people off your list, or just picking up a little something for yourself.

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Look for independent designers that partner with charity organizations to donate a portion of proceeds to causes like combating sex trafficking or domestic violence, or those that make it their mission to employ and empower women at all levels of the supply chain (or do both!) With consumers demanding greater transparency and accountability from brands big and small, there’s never been a better time to find ones that make a difference.

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Below, read up on seven fantastic brands that support women—and are owned by women, too—to consider shopping this holiday season and beyond.


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