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The gifts 8 real moms actually want to get this year

I’m not going to lie: my mom is by far the easiest person on my list to find a gift for every year. While I tend to fall back on the cliché dad gift (hmmm … what’s something golf-related he doesn’t have yet?) and buy my brother whatever books he sends me Amazon links to, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what my mom will love. Tom Ford lipstick? Check. (Thank you, beauty closet .)

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In the interest of sharing the wealth and helping you shop for your mom or another mom you’re gifting this year, I asked STYLECASTER editors to ask theirs what they really want for the holidays. We queried family and friends—including a few new moms who—no surprise here—wanted sleep above all else—and compiled a list of the presents they’re hoping to receive (hint, hint!)

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In the slideshow, shop 16 gifts picked out by 8 moms we know, some pretty foolproof (see: classic leather tote), others a tad … idiosyncratic (yes, that is a power saw you’re seeing).


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