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A night spent at an anti-Trump rally in photos

The oppression of one’s voice is a theme that resonates deeply with me. Coming from an Asian American background and growing up in Richmond, Virginia (the former capital of the Confederacy), I know how it feels to have a voice that seems unimportant to everyone else. Therefore, going to a protest in downtown Los Angeles the day after Donald Trump was announced president-elect, where people stand up against bigotry, hate, sexism and xenophobia, felt like a must.

I’m glad I did. At times, I feared for my life, but I was inspired by the people who came together out of love for one another. It was this love that connected us all on that warm L.A. night.  

People often tell me how powerful my images are, but credit is due to the people who give me the photographs. It is the people who allow me to photograph them and see them in all their anger, frustration and vulnerability. It is the people who allow me to represent their deepest dreams, hopes and aspirations. I hope my photos do their stories justice. 

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