25 gifts perfect for the guy who has everything

by Sarah Long
Nov 10, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. ET
Image: Daniel Allan/Getty Images

Let's face it, guys can be hard to shop for — but finding an awesome gift that he would never think to get for himself isn't as hard as you think.

These options are fun and functional.

1 /26: Globe decanter

1/26 :Globe decanter

This globe decanter would make for a stunning conversation piece in someone's study.

Where: Bourbon & Boots

Cost: $59

2 /26: City map glasses

2/26 :City map glasses

And these rocks glasses etched with his city's grid would complement the globe decanter perfectly.

Where: Uncommon Goods

Cost: $14

3 /26: Tactical Christmas stocking

3/26 :Tactical Christmas stocking

Stuff a tactical stocking with candy and other treats — great for any guy who has served.

Where: Amazon

Cost: $14.45

4 /26: Leatherman Wingman multi-tool

4/26 :Leatherman Wingman multi-tool

This stainless steel multi-tool will be his best friend, and will slip perfectly into the tactical stocking.

Where: Amazon

Cost: $30.89

5 /26: The Man Can

5/26 :The Man Can

This gallon-sized container comes chock-full of bath goodies like bay rum oil, fresh-scented soap, shave gel, hand butter, and an exfoliator. The container comes with its own opener which doubles as a bottle opener, so cute. Even better, all of the products are free of dyes, perfumes or chemicals.

Where: Ames and Oates

Cost: $48

6 /26: Dollar Shave Club membership

6/26 :Dollar Shave Club membership

Buying razors are a major pain, and not to mention expensive. Dollar Shave Club has amazing prices, and razors are delivered straight to his door every month. They have a gift membership option, making it easy to purchase a three, six or 12 months membership for a loved one.

Where: Dollar Shave Club

Cost: $45 to $140

7 /26: Onnit Alpha Brain

7/26 :Onnit Alpha Brain

This memory and focus supplement formula will help keep him on top of his game.

Where: Onnit

Cost: $34.95

8 /26: Eco-friendly watch

8/26 :Eco-friendly watch

This wood watch is stylish and eco-friendly! Perfect for the environmentally savvy guy.

Where: Brookstone

Cost: $53.99

9 /26: Dusk cologne

9/26 :Dusk cologne

Dusk by Herban Cowboy smells amazing without the huge department store price tag. It's also vegan and comes in recycled packaging.

Where: Amazon

Cost: $20.95

10 /26: Car wash kit

10/26 :Car wash kit

His car will be clean as a whistle in no time with this 10-piece car wash bucket.

Where: Target

Cost: $26.92

11 /26: Knife block

11/26 :Knife block

Cooking with dull knives is a pain, literally. A nice 14-piece knife set will have him on his way to culinary freedom.

Where: Amazon

Cost: $66.99

12 /26: Bose headphones

12/26 :Bose headphones

Yes, these Bose noise cancelling headphones are a bit of an investment, but they are any music or podcast lovers dream come true. They're wireless and come in versions adaptable to Apple or Samsung/Android devices.

Where: Bose

Cost: $299.95

13 /26: Five Four Club gift card

13/26 :Five Four Club gift card

Five Four Club is pretty amazing. You join by completing a short style quiz, and then conveniently receive a monthly curated package at your doorstep. Three, six and 12 month gift packages are available.

Where: Four Five Club

Cost: $180 and up for gift memberships

14 /26: Personal library kit

14/26 :Personal library kit

This kit makes for a cute gift for any bibliophile.

Where: Overstock.com

Cost: $16

15 /26: Funny kitchen towel set

15/26 :Funny kitchen towel set

Because who doesn't love to say, "Hey, handsome. What's cookin'?"

Where: AmoreBeaute/Etsy

Cost: $19.80

16 /26: Monogrammed wallet

16/26 :Monogrammed wallet

A good wallet is hard to find, but the personalized monogramming on this one makes it special.

Where: JooJoobs/Etsy

Cost: $39 + up

17 /26: Magnetic tie clip

17/26 :Magnetic tie clip

Magnetic tie clips add a touch of class to any work outfit.

Where: Tie Mags

Cost: $29.95

18 /26: 'Game of Thrones' beer mug

18/26 :'Game of Thrones' beer mug

Game of Thrones and beer. Enough said.

Where: idesigngiftstudio/Etsy

Cost: $12

19 /26: Funny coffee mug

19/26 :Funny coffee mug

He'll think of you every morning when he drinks his coffee.

Where: TheCozyPup/Etsy

Cost: $16

20 /26: Personalized docking station

20/26 :Personalized docking station

This docking station is super functional and can be engraved with a personalized message on top.

Where: Palmetto Wood Shop

Cost: $39.95

21 /26: Fuzzy socks

21/26 :Fuzzy socks

Socks might seem like a lame gift, but these micro chenille quarter socks are heaven on your feet.

Where: Kohl's

Cost: $24 for a 4-pack

22 /26: Desktop slingshot

22/26 :Desktop slingshot

OK, this desktop slingshot is just plain silly fun.

Where: Gifts.com

Cost: $39

23 /26: A swanky beard comb

23/26 :A swanky beard comb

His facial hair really will look more manicured when he uses a fancy comb.

Where: OHMbrand/Etsy

Cost: $12.95

24 /26: Bottle cap display case

24/26 :Bottle cap display case

No man cave is complete without a bottle cap trophy case!

Where: Knot and Nest Designs

Cost: $39.99

25 /26: Couch arm table

25/26 :Couch arm table

This couch arm table makes it easy to balance a beer and some snacks while watching the game or a favorite show.

Where: Singulierlampandcab/Etsy

Cost: $39.68

26 /26: 09 PIN Guygifts

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26/26 :09 PIN Guygifts