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15 Cat GIFs That Perfectly Describe the Thanksgiving Day Experience

To quote the very wise words of a little band named U2, “I can’t live with or without you.” And in this instance, we’re referencing the beauty and the pain that is Thanksgiving, of course.

Come on, you know what we’re talking about. Thanksgiving is that very special time of year when we get the chance to convene with our nearest and dearest around the dinner table and express just how grateful we are to all have each other — while also stuffing our faces with the most amazing food on Earth. And you know what else happens when a ton of extended family who sees each other once or twice a year all squeezes into the same room. Drama, drama, drama. No family gathering would be complete without it, and family Thanksgiving dinners set the standard.

In the spirit of fun, we used cat GIFs to capture all the feels of the holiday.

Originally published November 2016. Updated November 2017.

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