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Holiday Gift Ideas Your Tech-Obsessed Loved Ones Will Go Gaga For

Ah, the holidays. This time of year is so nostalgic and totally reminds me of all the weird Christmas gifts my brothers and I put on our lists back in the day. When I was 5 years old, I couldn’t have been more elated to see that (super-creepy) life-size troll doll under the tree, and the year after that, my brother and I got the unicycles we were yearning for. Santa almost always obliged our requests… except for when my then-8-year-old brother asked for bagpipes. Even old Saint Nick has to draw the line somewhere.

But over the years, my brothers stopped wanting one-wheeled bikes and ancient reeded instruments. Instead, their interests turned toward cutting-edge electronics, and every year, I’m left scrambling to find the latest devices that will give them that same warm, fuzzy feeling they got back in the day.

And these techie gifts will totally achieve that goal.

Originally published December 2016. Updated October 2017. 

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