25 DIY Paper Flowers Tutorials That Are Even Better Than the Real Thing

by Sarah Long
Oct 3, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET
25 DIY Paper Flowers so Gorgeous You Won't Believe They Aren't Real
Image: Redphotographer/Getty Images

Listen, we hate to sound like Debbie Downers, but getting live flowers is kind of a let down. Yes, they look absolutely gorgeous and smell like a dream — for about two days. After that, they begin their slow descent to a decaying, rotting death that will probably sit in a vase on our counter for about a week too long and start to smell like the inside of a old, sweaty running shoe. Not only that, the sight of a drooping flower with the petals falling off one-by-one into a sad pile reminds us of ET dying, which leads to an inevitable ugly cry — and nobody wants to see that.

Which is why paper flowers are so perfect.

You may think that it's impossible for paper flowers to look as pretty as the real thing, but you're wrong. We've rounded up all of our favorite paper flower tutorials, so you can make these beautiful babies all on your own.

Originally posted September 2016. Updated September 2017.

1 /25: Giant paper flower bouquet centerpiece

1/25 :Giant paper flower bouquet centerpiece

This gorgeous arrangement from Creative Jewish Mom looks great all year round.

2 /25: Paper rose bouquet

2/25 :Paper rose bouquet

White paper roses are timeless and elegant.

3 /25: Giant flower hats

3/25 :Giant flower hats

These festive hats by Oh Happy Day are perfect for a tea party.

4 /25: Paper dahlia wreath

4/25 :Paper dahlia wreath

This dahlia wreath is perfect to hang on your door during the winter/spring transition.

5 /25: Watercolor paper flowers

5/25 :Watercolor paper flowers

Watercolor paper flowers are very time consuming to make, but the end result makes it well worth the effort.

6 /25: Add a touch of sparkle

6/25 :Add a touch of sparkle

Crepe-paper flowers with a touch of glitter make for an amazing gift box topper.

7 /25: Book page rosettes

7/25 :Book page rosettes

A wreath of roses made from recycled book pages is pretty much a bibliophile's dream.

8 /25: Crepe-paper roses

8/25 :Crepe-paper roses

Martha Stewart's crepe-paper roses are incredibly life-like.

9 /25: Rolled paper flowers

9/25 :Rolled paper flowers

These gorgeous rosettes take little more than paper and a hot glue gun.

10 /25: Tissue-paper poms

10/25 :Tissue-paper poms

Festive tissue-paper flowers are fun decor certain to liven up any party.

11 /25: Button poppies

11/25 :Button poppies

An adorable vase of poppies is easy to put together and looks super cute on your work desk.

12 /25: Paper ranunculus

12/25 :Paper ranunculus

Who knew that a little bit of copy paper could look so much like a real ranunculus?

13 /25: Paper hyacinth

13/25 :Paper hyacinth

This version of a hyacinth doesn't smell as delightful as the real thing, but it looks just as gorgeous.

14 /25: Paper tulips

14/25 :Paper tulips

Tiptoe through the tulips with this super easy DIY tutorial

15 /25: Tissue daisies

15/25 :Tissue daisies

These fluffy creations look just like daisies, and you can easily customize the colors.

16 /25: Giant paper peony piñatas

16/25 :Giant paper peony piñatas

The large size of these giant paper peonies is what makes them so magical.

17 /25: Paper daisy chain

17/25 :Paper daisy chain

Because who doesn't love a crown of daisies?

18 /25: Paper anemone

18/25 :Paper anemone

Pale pink anemones are a bridal favorite, and the paper variety look so pretty in a vase.

19 /25: Shaped crepe flowers

19/25 :Shaped crepe flowers

These graceful, inexpensive-to-make flowers look glorious as a boutonnière.

20 /25: Cherry blossom centerpiece

20/25 :Cherry blossom centerpiece

Vibrant colors make Once Wed's cherry blossom wedding centerpiece a real showstopper.

21 /25: Tree-sized blossoms

21/25 :Tree-sized blossoms

Human-sized paper blooms take some elbow grease, but the outcome is totally whimsical. 

22 /25: Paper mums

22/25 :Paper mums

The Elli Blog makes this DIY super easy for you with printable downloads of the blossoms and leaves.

23 /25: Scalloped edge paper flowers

23/25 :Scalloped edge paper flowers

These scalloped edge paper flowers almost look like fresh carnations.

24 /25: Cupcake liner accordian folded flowers

24/25 :Cupcake liner accordian folded flowers

These bouquets made of cupcake liners, pipe cleaners and construction paper will brighten your day in a hurry.

25 /25: Giant paper sunflower

25/25 :Giant paper sunflower

This giant sunflower is super fun, and the best part is you can make it for under $5!