11 Inexpensive Ray-Ban Knockoffs That Look Like the Real Deal

Who doesn’t love a solid pair of Ray-Bans? They’re quality sunglasses that’ll undoubtedly outlast that $5 pair of sunglasses you picked up last-minute from Walgreens. Plus, they’re stylish as hell.

But… They’re so freaking expensive. Let’s be completely honest here: We’re not about that life of spending nearly $200 on one whole pair of sunglasses.

That’s where these Ray-Ban knockoffs come in: They’re a fraction of the price and look just like the real deal. You truly can’t go wrong with them. Just make sure you lower your expectations in terms of their lifespan, and you’ll be stoked to get out to the beach, pool — wherever you may be going this summer — knowing full well you look damn good but didn’t have to dig too deeply into your disposable income to afford those beauties on your face.

Ahead, 11 Ray-Ban look-alikes you’ll want to buy stat.

A version of this article was originally published in August 2016.