A little girl got pulled over by the cops and the photos are absolutely priceless

Cute kids can draw our attention to anything, which was precisely the motivation behind photographer Jessica D Minlschmidt’s recent project, Paisley’s First Ticket.

To pay tribute to the police officers around the world for National Police Week, Minlschmidt photographed toddler Paisley and her police officer daddy Jason Traylor in a super cute series of pics showing the little girl — gasp —getting her first ticket.

“Officers don’t always get the praise and recognition they deserve,” said Minlschmidt, a mom of one. “They (along with our military, firefighters and many other groups of individuals) put their lives on the line for our safety every day. Thank you to the men and women of law enforcement for providing us a safer community for our children to grow up in, for rescuing us in our times of need, for being the shield against the bad guys.”

As well as making us smile (thanks to Paisley’s adorable face), these photos remind us that the men and women of law enforcement don’t always get the love they deserve for everything they do to keep us safe. 


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