If these aren’t the weirdest Kickstarter campaigns, we need to know your definition of ‘weird’

Sites like Kickstarter are, as a concept, really great. Have an idea or invention that you just know would be a hit, but lack the connections or resources to make it happen? Turn to the internet to find like-minded people, and then voilà: You can make your Pebble watch or bring back Reading Rainbow or whatever. Dreams really do come true! The sky is the limit!

On the other hand, crowdfunding sites have more flops than fantastic success stories, which is fortunate for us, because the attempts to get them funded are often hilarious and captivating in a so-bad-it’s-good kind of way. We found all kinds of unfortunate goodies in our search for the most ridiculous Kickstarters, including ones that never made a cent and others that went all the way. Here they are.


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