14 Home-Sharing Airbnb Alternatives Worth Trying for Your Next Trip

by Theresa Edwards
May 16, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Airbnb gets tons of press and we're not gonna lie, it's a pretty darn cool app that offers some amazing places to stay. All we're trying to say is that it's not the be all, end all when it comes to finding a home-share for an upcoming trip.

Since it's never a good idea to let one company have the monopoly in a given industry (and we have to admit we've been a little turned off by the horror stories coming from people who say they were turned away due to racism or homophobia), we're giving a shoutout to these other Airbnb alternatives.

Originally published August 2016. Updated May 2017.

1 /14: One Fine Stay

1/14 :One Fine Stay

One Fine Stay is a website as opposed to an app, and it's definitely not for bargain hunters. This is luxury home-sharing that's so exclusive you'll only find lodging hosts in New York, Paris, Rome and London, which is where the host home in the picture is located. It's a pretty penny (Over $350 a night in the case of this London flat), but these are whole residences located in the most desirable city centers. If you want to splurge, why not live like a rich Manhattan socialite or Parisian for a few nights? Unlike Airbnb, there are no hosting family opportunities with One Fine Stay; you'll get the whole place to yourself.

2 /14: Innclusive

2/14 :Innclusive

Innclusive (formerly Noirebnb) is a really great idea born out of a really crappy experience. You may remember the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack, which people were using to talk about their experience with discrimination while trying to use the app. That includes the woman who was subject to a barrage of hateful language from a racist host and the rapper who was almost arrested for trying to enter the room he'd paid for. 

Now they offer places to stay all over the world that are all about celebrating differences.

3 /14: 9flats

3/14 :9flats

9flats began as a sort of European answer to Airbnb, but its inventory has expanded a lot since then, and you can find lodging all over the globe using the website. You can get the really good stuff in Europe, though, like this sunny flat with a balcony in the Berlin city center for about $170 a night. Too expensive? No worries. They have the same range of price points as Airbnb, and you have the same options as far as renting just a room or renting an entire house.

4 /14: FlipKey

4/14 :FlipKey

FlipKey is one of Airbnb's oldest competitors, and was purchased by travel mega site TripAdvisor a few years ago. They've got tons of variety at a range of prices, and you can stay just about anywhere in the world, like in this $500-a night Puerto Rican villa in Luquillo

5 /14: HomeAway

5/14 :HomeAway

HomeAway is another of Airbnb's closest competitors, and like Airbnb, you can do all of your browsing and booking on the fly with an app (iTunes/Google Play, free) that lets you check out all of the listings for a last minute place to stay like this breezy beach villa in the Florida Keys that has its own dock for $464 a night. 

6 /14: Rent Like A Champion

6/14 :Rent Like A Champion

On the really specific, pretty spendy side of the home-sharing spectrum, there's Rent Like A Champion, a website that allows users to book whole homes around college sporting events so they can be right on top of the action. You can even search by institution and sporting event to make sure you never have to battle your way into a hotel a year in advance of the playoffs again.

7 /14: VRBO

7/14 :VRBO

VRBO is like the grandfather of all the other apps and sites on this list, although Homeaway — which now owns VRBO — is working on giving it a modern facelift, complete with an app (iTunes/Google Play, Free). This used to be a site where you could browse and rent homes in popular vacation destinations like Destin and the Outer Banks. It's long been a favorite with people who couldn't snatch up an Airbnb listing in time. Now it just includes a lot more places to stay, like this Denver high-rise, and is much easier to use. 

8 /14: Misterb&b

8/14 :Misterb&b

Misterb&b is the gay community's answer to Airbnb, because of course where there are racists, there are bound to be homophobes and other kinds of bigots as well. Either way, it's helping people feel safer in their travels and meet new people, and it's open to allies as well, so you don't have to be gay to use it. You just can't be an asshole. There are lots of listings, but you'll find higher concentrations of them in more populated cities, like this retro studio in downtown Atlanta. Browse through all of them with the app (iTunes/Google Play, free).

9 /14: Wimdu

9/14 :Wimdu

Wimdu is another home-sharing app that got its start across the pond, so you'll find the best rentals in European locations. This Amsterdam rental, for instance, will keep you close to the action at about $866 for an entire week. There are stateside locations, too, and you can browse what's on offer as long as you have an iPhone or iPad with the free app.

10 /14: Couchsurfing

10/14 :Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing isn't so much about getting sweet digs as it is meeting new friends. In other words, you'll literally be crashing on a couch, so the draw is its super-low price and the opportunity to make contacts and meet locals in your travel destination of choice. It's loads better than a hostel, and a much better way to get to know a city, since you'll have a local to show you the ropes. It's backpacking for the modern age, complete with a mobile app (iTunes/Google Play, free).

11 /14: Kid & Coe

11/14 :Kid & Coe

Cornering the family market, Kid & Coe offers seriously swanky, family-friendly digs in incredible locations. The one pictured is in Paris, and while it will put you out about $330 a night, that's a lot less than you'll spend on multiple rooms at a hotel if you travel in a small pack — and because it's a home-share for families with children, you can bet on there being all of the comforts and accoutrements of home. 

12 /14: Housetrip

12/14 :Housetrip

Another European-gone-global site, Housetrip is part of TripAdvisor's growing brood of rental babies. The site only reserves whole homes, like One Fine Stay, but the entry price is cheaper and the listings are in pretty much every country now. For instance, this quaint Tuscan villa will run you a not-too-shabby $121 a night.

13 /14: Travelmob

13/14 :Travelmob

Finally, Travelmob. This site, which is owned by HomeAway, aggregates a bunch of accommodation types at once to skip the headache of working through the multiple options of room share or whole house accommodations. Even better, it caters almost exclusively to the Asian market, which has a slightly weaker presence on competitor apps. That means you can check out places like this gorgeous flat in Singapore or spend a weekend in Japan relatively hassle free. You can hook yourself up in the browser or grab the app for mobile bookings (iTunes/Google Play, free).

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