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15 tweets from people who truly understand the cable company struggle

Sometimes it feels as though America is a country divided. We can’t agree on politics, on how to say “pecan” or how to make proper guacamole. But there is one thing that people from every walk of life, at every age and of every gender can agree on: Cable companies and internet providers are the absolute worst. Consistently ranked at the top of “most hated companies” lists and gobbling one another up to form a monopoly of gigantic corporations locked in a battle to death to provide the worst customer experience ever, we all seem to collectively hate cable companies.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself: Play a little word association game with your friends. Shout out “Comcast!” or “Time Warner Cable!” and see how long it takes before someone shouts a string of profanity back at you. Or just turn to Twitter, because that’s where all the real gems are. Take a look!

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