These funny road signs are a trip (pun very much intended)

by Theresa Edwards
Jun 6, 2016 at 5:06 p.m. ET

There is truly nothing like a summer road trip with your main squeeze, girl gang or family. A little trip down the scenic route is a great way to break up the monotony of the eat/sleep/repeat cycle. Of course, you'll have to pass the time or succumb to highway hypnosis, which can be something of a challenge.

These road signs seem designed to keep you holding your sides instead of holding your head up.

1 /22: Nice place

1/22 :Nice place

You may make mistakes, but you've never created an entire town... by accident.

2 /22: Seems legit

2/22 :Seems legit

This is the physical manifestation of a brain fart.

3 /22: Distracting this is

3/22 :Distracting this is

We get what they're trying to do, but doesn't this sort of defeat the purpose of keeping people focused on the road?

4 /22: Wrong way

4/22 :Wrong way

Imagine what it must be like to get a sick burn from an insentient piece of metal.

5 /22: Wait...

5/22 :Wait...

Maybe U-turns are still OK?

6 /22: Is there any other kind?

6/22 :Is there any other kind?

This road trip just got a whole lot more interesting.

7 /22: Self-aware

7/22 :Self-aware

Gotta love that Massachusetts humor...

8 /22: Oh...we get it!

8/22 :Oh...we get it!

... And that Australian sense of humor...

9 /22: Saucy

9/22 :Saucy

... And of course, that Indian humor...

10 /22: Fox sake!

10/22 :Fox sake!

... Not to mention that dry British wit!

11 /22: Dildo

11/22 :Dildo

Don't get excited. That's just the name of an unincorporated area of Newfoundland. We checked.

12 /22: Middelfart

12/22 :Middelfart

We hear it's lovely in Middelfart this time of year. You just have to breathe through your nose.

13 /22: A good rule of thumb

13/22 :A good rule of thumb

Seriously. Your friends will just have to wait with bated breath to find out which hilarious Minion-themed meme you'll share next.

14 /22: We've all been here

14/22 :We've all been here

We bet Shitterton is awesome, and they only named it that to keep transplants out. Kinda like the whole Iceland/Greenland thing.

15 /22: Never gets old

15/22 :Never gets old

When you live on the internet like we do, every generic sign-based pedestrian has a bitchin' claw like this one.

16 /22: Indeed

16/22 :Indeed

And you thought roundabouts were total nightmares.

17 /22: Yikes

17/22 :Yikes

It's fun to imagine how many times they had to rebuild the bridge before they shelled out for the sign.

18 /22: That's dark, man

18/22 :That's dark, man

We can't decide if this sign-poster was making a statement about the people who treat residential streets like the autobahn, if this is just earnest or which is worse.

19 /22: Giving directions must be a nightmare

19/22 :Giving directions must be a nightmare

Seriously. "Oh yeah, you just want to go to the end of the street and turn onto That Way. If you turn This Way you'll never get there."

20 /22: Thanks?

20/22 :Thanks?

This sign has probably saved the sanity of countless parents over the years.

21 /22: One-oh-what-now?

21/22 :One-oh-what-now?

Don't judge! Ordinal numbers are hard

22 /22: Unfortunate, but hilarious.

22/22 :Unfortunate, but hilarious.

If this isn't the way to Shitterton, then there's absolutely no justice in the world.