If Samantha Bee isn't in your Twitter feed, you have no idea what you're missing

by Avital Norman Nathman
May 5, 2016 at 9:51 a.m. ET

Samantha Bee, host of TBS's Full Frontal (and of The Daily Show fame), has quickly become the queen of late night TV. Every Monday night, Bee takes on current events, skewering them with her own brand of smart humor, making us laugh until we cry. She has accomplished the same on Twitter, quickly staking her claim as someone whose sharp observations resonate far and wide.

If you're not already following her on Twitter, here's why you need to ... ASAP.

1 /10: Late Night hosts

1/10 :Late Night hosts

Samantha Bee cemented her place in Twitter stardom when she responded to Vanity Fair's all-male Late Night host spread with a Photoshopped version of her own. Laser-eyed, centaur-Sam quickly went viral.

2 /10: #SmileForJoe

2/10 :#SmileForJoe

Bee also tweets from her Full Frontal account and has quickly learned the skill of creating viral memes and hashtags that allow others to play. Her #SmileForJoe hashtag was an instant hit, allowing many women to push back against Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough admonishing Hillary Clinton for not smiling enough.

3 /10: Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

3/10 :Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

When Ted Cruz announced he was dropping out of the GOP bid for presidential candidate, leaving Donald Trump the front-runner, Bee seized on that moment with some hard-hitting truths couched in humor.

4 /10: Ted Cruz's unviable campaign

4/10 :Ted Cruz's unviable campaign

Bee hit the nail on the head here, comparing Cruz's draconian position on abortion to his own campaign. Zing!

5 /10: #WhereIsLyinTed

5/10 :#WhereIsLyinTed

Inspired by Cruz calling it quits on his campaign, Bee and Full Frontal launched #WhereIsLyinTed, prompting followers to Photoshop a still of Cruz in the most amazing and absurd of locations. 

6 /10: Who should be my running mate?

6/10 :Who should be my running mate?

Bee's tweets via Full Frontal's accounts allow us all a small chuckle in what otherwise can be a frustrating, maddening and frightening presidential race. 

7 /10: Canadian

7/10 :Canadian

Samantha Bee is also Canadian, and she'll remind you of that in the best possible way ever. We see you there with Canadian Prime Minister, feminist and official hottie Justin Trudeau. We see you. 

8 /10: Paul Ryan

8/10 :Paul Ryan

But let it not be said that Samantha Bee has never paid a compliment to a member of the GOP.

9 /10: Troll

9/10 :Troll

Like any other woman who has a strong media presence, Bee has to deal with some negative feedback. She's perfected the art of squashing a troll.

10 /10: Go vote

10/10 :Go vote

Like the good political satirist she is, Bee takes the time to remind her audience to vote (even if the way she says it is laced with a bit of admonishment!).