Last-minute Mother's Day gifts that won't leave you sleeping on the couch

by Megan Zander
Apr 26, 2016 at 3:40 p.m. ET

Getting flowers or jewelry for Mother’s Day at this point may be impossible, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t give Mom a gift worthy of her awesomeness. Whether you’re lazy (ah-hem) or simply lost track of time, we’ve rounded up some last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that are so great she’ll think you’ve been planning her gift for months instead of days.

1 /26: Jewelry holder

1/26 :Jewelry holder

It might be too late to buy a bracelet, but she’ll forgive you when she unwraps this jewelry holder to organize her existing baubles. (Target, $17)

2 /26: Subscription box membership

2/26 :Subscription box membership

Go beyond a single present, and shower Mom with gifts all year long by signing her up for a mom-themed subscription box. (Pampered Mommy, $30/month). And if you don't think this one fits her style, we've got a ton of other subscription box ideas that will.

3 /26: A hardcover classic

3/26 :A hardcover classic

E-readers are great, but a hardcover version of Mom’s favorite novel does double duty as a book and a meaningful display piece. (Barnes & Noble, $18)

4 /26: Summer PJs

4/26 :Summer PJs

A comfy but cute set of summer pajamas makes a great gift. (Vera Bradley, $48)

5 /26: Sunglasses

5/26 :Sunglasses

Whether they’re a replacement for the ones the baby broke or simply a spare pair, a nice set of shades is a great gift. (Sunglass Hut, $50)

6 /26: 'How was your day' wineglass

6/26 :'How was your day' wineglass

With pour lines for a good day, a so-so day and don’t even ask, this wineglass will tell you how her day was with a single glance. (Papyrus, $15)

7 /26: Phone case

7/26 :Phone case

Keep her phone safe and pretty with a stylish new phone case. (Anthropologie, $36)

8 /26: Coffee mug

8/26 :Coffee mug

Her morning cup of coffee will taste even better in a pretty mug. Add a bag of her favorite roast to make the gift really special. (Starbucks, $14)

9 /26: Chocolate

9/26 :Chocolate

Nothing says “you’re the best, Mom!” like fancy chocolates, especially if you don’t ask her to share. (Godiva, $50)

10 /26: Sparkle journal

10/26 :Sparkle journal

Whether she uses it to make lists, jot down her dreams or finally start her novel, a blank journal makes a fantastic present. (Papyrus, $12)

11 /26: Cosmetic bag set

11/26 :Cosmetic bag set

If your mom loves being organized as much as she loves makeup, then she’ll be thankful for this pretty cosmetics system. (Very Bradley, $58)

12 /26: A getaway in a jar

12/26 :A getaway in a jar

If you can’t take her on an actual vacation, this beach-scented candle is the next best thing. (Yankee Candle, $28)

13 /26: Pretty mixing bowls

13/26 :Pretty mixing bowls

Complement her baking skills and her sense of style with a set of mixing bowls pretty enough to put on display. (Macy’s, $35)

14 /26: Photo frame

14/26 :Photo frame

Get her favorite photos off her phone and printed out to surprise her with a framed collage she'll cherish. (Kohl's, $35)

15 /26: Amazing Grace

15/26 :Amazing Grace

Not only is Amazing Grace a light scent she’ll adore, but it can be used as a body wash, bubble bath or a shampoo. (Macy’s, $25)

16 /26: Quirky queen throw pillow

16/26 :Quirky queen throw pillow

Bring a smile to her face each morning with this quirky throw pillow that reminds her she’s the queen. (Bed Bath & Beyond, $30)

17 /26: Board game

17/26 :Board game

For older kids and teens, a family board game is a great gift that will give Mom what she wants most — quality time with her kids. (Target, $20)

18 /26: Workout tank

18/26 :Workout tank

Show your support for Mom’s inner gym rat with a workout tank she’ll want to wear even when she’s not sweating. (Target, $15)

19 /26: Her favorite movie

19/26 :Her favorite movie

You know that sappy movie she’s always begging you to watch with her? Rock her Mother’s Day with a special screening. (Target, $6)

20 /26: Margarita maker

20/26 :Margarita maker

Because after a long day of work and child care, sometimes 5 o’clock deserves something special. (Target, $68)

21 /26: Infinity scarf

21/26 :Infinity scarf

It’s hard to go wrong with a pretty infinity scarf, especially if you take her out to brunch so she can show it off. (Kohl’s, $18)

22 /26: 'Frozen' mirrored compact

22/26 :'Frozen' mirrored compact

If watching Frozen was a family bonding experience, then this compact inscribed with “strong bond, strong heart” will be extra special. (Sephora, $32)

23 /26: Hanging planter

23/26 :Hanging planter

If Mom’s thumb happens to be extra green, she’ll love showing off her skills with this hanging planter. (Target, $28)

24 /26: Breakfast in bed

24/26 :Breakfast in bed

When all else fails, breakfast in bed is a classic Mother’s Day gift. Bonus points if it’s served on a pretty tray like this. (Bed Bath & Beyond, $20)

25 /26: Ahava body oil

25/26 :Ahava body oil

A little bit of luxury and the scent of the sea are hers with just a spritz. Mom will love a scented body oil that moisturizes and takes her away for a moment… if only in her mind. (Ulta, $40)

26 /26: Grab and go

26/26 :Grab and go

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