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10 big brands’ social media fails that left us asking, ‘What were they thinking?’

The date 4/20 is typically known as the unofficial international holiday that celebrates marijuana. In honor of the day, Snapchat added a Bob Marley filter for its users to enjoy — except the blackface Bob Marley filter that basically dubbed him as the official face of weed ended up pissing off more people than giving them that warm and fuzzy feeling that so often is associated with lighting up. People took to Twitter, calling Snapchat’s misguided efforts racist, tone deaf and disrespectful. “Bob Marley did so much more and to be reduced to being known for weed and dreads is very disrespectful,” read one of the many angry tweets. 

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time an attempt to use a hot social media trend to brand a product has gone awry. The internet is full of the misguided and seemingly mindless mistakes of advertisers failing majorly at their job. This Snapchat flub and the following examples of branding gone bad have us all wondering: Why do they get paid so much again?

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