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This guy’s hilarious dudeoir photos have an even better backstory

What a time to be alive — the ladies of this generation are some of the luckiest that have ever lived, and the reason can be summed up in one hilarious portmanteau: the dudeoir photo. Like boudoir photos, dudeoir shoots feature everyday men saucily posed in their boxer briefs and tighty-whities, making come-hither eyes at the camera. Unlike your amateur naughty pic, though, dudeoirs are tastefully done by a talented photographer, as opposed to you, a little drunk, with your iPhone. 

Chad Castigliano of Chronicker Photography is the latest to conquer the frontier of dudeoir, with a little help from some amazing people. And the best part? SheKnows spoke to Castigliano, and it turns out these shots don’t just go on to further the cause of something nice for your eyeballs. They go on to further a much better cause than that. Get ready to meet the three people who might be the coolest in all of Arizona.

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