12 Mother's Day Gifts That Are So Much Better Than Flowers

Apr 19, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET
pink present on stone table
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The Mother Lode

Sometimes, the pressure is on to find the perfect Mother's Day gift. Questions plague your mind: Will it be heartfelt enough? Will she find it useful? Will she even like it?

For those of us who find it incredibly easy to pour our heart and soul out on a piece of paper, you can't go wrong with a heartfelt letter in the Mother's Day card of your choice. Let her know how much you love and appreciate her presence in your life. Write a touching, honest note telling her the things you might have forgotten to say throughout the year — reminding her what she means to you. 

But for those of us who have a hard time putting how we feel into words, that's where a gift comes in. And luckily for you, we did the hard part for you: We've rounded up gifts she'll laugh at or she'll cry over (in a good way) or she'll find ultimate relaxation with. From bath bombs and face masks to help her unwind in her downtime to funny or heartfelt ways to remind her of you on a daily basis, here are plenty of gift ideas to consider for your mom this May — some you might even want to order for yourself.

1 /14: Mother's Day Card

1/14 :Mother's Day Card

2 /14: Beach Towel

Mother-daughter necklace at Efy Tal Jewelry
Image: Efy Tal Jewelry

2/14 :Beach Towel

3 /14: Custom Portrait Magnets

Custom portrait magnets
Image: KitAtlas/Etsy

3/14 :Custom Portrait Magnets

4 /14: A Statement-Piece Bowl

4/14 :A Statement-Piece Bowl

5 /14: Yeti Cooler

Yeti cooler
Image: Yeti

5/14 :Yeti Cooler

6 /14: Tarot of Face Masks

Tarot face masks at Lush
Image: Lush

6/14 :Tarot of Face Masks

7 /14: Smoked Desert Rose Candle

Smoked Desert Rose Candle
Image: Jemma Sands

7/14 :Smoked Desert Rose Candle

8 /14: 'Whiskey & Ribbons' by Leesa Cross-Smith

Whiskey & Ribbons book cover
Image: Amazon

8/14 :'Whiskey & Ribbons' by Leesa Cross-Smith

9 /14: Handwriting Bracelet

9/14 :Handwriting Bracelet

10 /14: Ridged Pots Set

Ceramic planters
Image: Anthropologie

10/14 :Ridged Pots Set

11 /14: Rose Petal & Raspberry Herbal Tea

11/14 :Rose Petal & Raspberry Herbal Tea

12 /14: Merlot-infused coffee

12/14 :Merlot-infused coffee

13 /14: 'Coffee So I Can Mom Hard' Coffee Mug

The Love Bomb Company mom coffee mugs
Image: The Love Bomb Company

13/14 :'Coffee So I Can Mom Hard' Coffee Mug

14 /14: 'Incredible Mom' Lush Bath Bomb

Incredible Mom Lush bath bomb
Image: Lush

14/14 :'Incredible Mom' Lush Bath Bomb