What's weirder than Donald Trump period undies? Oh, just wait...

by Stephanie Jade Wong
Mar 31, 2016 at 4:25 p.m. ET

Forget Donald Trump T-shirts and bright red trucker caps. Check out these odd Trump products that'll make you wonder if you should really buy them or not.


1 /11: Period panties

1/11 :Period panties

Ladies, let's make our periods a little more fun each month, and show Trump where we really bleed, with these Trump period panties (Etsy, $30). For every pair you purchase, $3 goes to Planned Parenthood. 

2 /11: Pads

2/11 :Pads

If you're hesitant about trying period panties, go for a cloth pad with Trump's face on it (Etsy, $8+). I don't know what's better, bleeding on Trump's face or the various options of size and absorbancy for these pads!

3 /11: BS protectors

3/11 :BS protectors

Tired of hearing BS? Don't worry, these Donald Trump BS ear protectors (Amazon, $9) will save your ears. 

4 /11: Piñata

4/11 :Piñata

Who doesnt want a Trump piñata (Etsy, $6) at their next party? 

5 /11: Rubber stamp

5/11 :Rubber stamp

Did you send out invites for your party already? You can use this Trump rubber stamp (Etsy, $8.50+) 

6 /11: Hot sauce

6/11 :Hot sauce

Are you feelin' hot, hot, hot? You'll get a kick of spice with this Donald Trump hot sauce (Zazzle, $9).

7 /11: Voodoo doll

7/11 :Voodoo doll

Where will you take your Donald Trump voodoo doll? (Amazon, $10).

8 /11: Socks

8/11 :Socks

Watch that hair blow in the wind. These Donald Trump socks (Always Fits, $30) make a great gift. 

9 /11: Toilet paper

9/11 :Toilet paper

Everyone needs toilet paper, right? Why not buy a Donald Trump toilet paper roll (Amazon, $9) with some pizzazz?

10 /11: Pet wig

10/11 :Pet wig

Dress up your cat or dog with a Donald Trump pet wig (Etsy, $17). What a fashion statement.

11 /11: Poop emoji sticker

11/11 :Poop emoji sticker

Show off your sense of humor with this Trump poop emoji sticker (Etsy, $4).