26 photos of Sasha and Malia Obama growing up before our eyes

Aug 11, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET
sasha obama malia obama
Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images ; Olivier Douliery/Getty Images

It's hard to believe the Obamas have been America's first family for nearly eight whole years. In that time, Barack's gotten a few gray hairs, Michelle seems to have aged backward, and the two first daughters? Well, they've grown up before our very eyes. Earlier this year the sisters made a debut of sorts at their very first state dinner with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the transformation they've made from grammar school girls to nearly college-bound has never been more apparent. Even the president couldn't help but comment on how the time has flown, choking up when he spoke about Malia's impending departure from the nest. Take a look back at Malia (now 18) and Sasha Obama (now 15) over the years.

1 /25: The early days

1/25 :The early days

2/25 :Sledding

3/25 :Family time

4/25 :In the public eye

5/25 :Still just kids

6 /25: Before the turkey pardon

6/25 :Before the turkey pardon

7/25 :Family trip to Brazil

8 /25: Christmas tree lighting

8/25 :Christmas tree lighting

9/25 :Family outing

10/25 :Growing up

11 /25: Putting in some couch time

11/25 :Putting in some couch time

12/25 :Not so little anymore

13/25 :4 more years

14/25 :Young sophisticates

15 /25: Not too old to hold hands

15/25 :Not too old to hold hands

16 /25: Another year, another turkey

16/25 :Another year, another turkey

17 /25: Like mother, like daughters

17/25 :Like mother, like daughters

18 /25: Are those the same girls?

18/25 :Are those the same girls?

19/25 :They grow up so fast

20/25 :6 years later

21 /25: From braces to ballgowns

21/25 :From braces to ballgowns

22/25 :Meeting a star

23 /25: Take me out to the ball game

Image: Chip Somodevilla / Staff/Getty Images

23/25 :Take me out to the ball game

24 /25: National parks

24/25 :National parks

25 /25: Big 1-8

Image: Pool/Getty Images

25/25 :Big 1-8