25 Lucky Quotes to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

by Julie Evans
Mar 16, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. ET

Whether you're Irish or just an Irish wannabe, you'll raise your glass to these St. Patrick's Day-themed quotes.

Originally published March 2016. Updated March 2017.

1/26 :On living

We should all be so lucky.

2/26 :2 kinds of people

Which one are you? 

3/26 :Heavy pockets, light heart

A great toast! 

4/26 :Wherever you go

Every day should be a lucky day. 

5/26 :Warning!

Aren't we all?

6/26 :Friends

We'll drink to that! 

7/26 :The lucky ones

How lucky are you? 

8/26 :A blessing


9/26 :Home

All of them at the same time, anyway. 

10/26 :Don't do it


11/26 :The shamrock

If only this was "for each Shamrock Shake" you drink...

12/26 :St. Patrick, the protector

That's better than green beer any day.

13/26 :A dual purpose


14/26 :An Irish blessing

A lovely wish for everyone.

15 /26: Keep your eye on what's important

15/26 :Keep your eye on what's important

Take in the rainbow.

16/26 :Calling all leprechauns

Do those traps really work?

17/26 :Gladness forever after

A lovely way to wish someone a St. Patrick's Day! 

18/26 :Let luck pave the way

What a beautiful highway that would be. 

19/26 :Worry not

Let's load the devil up with worries and wave goodbye. 

20/26 :Leprechauns spread luck

They're not all about mischief. 

21/26 :The perfect recipe

The perfect mix. 

22/26 :What you need most


23/26 :Happiness

To that we say, "sláinte!"

24/26 :A prayer

For all of the believers. 

25/26 :When you're Irish


26/26 :St. Patrick's Day quotes