25 geeky gifts for the tech lover in your life

by Stephanie Jade Wong
Feb 22, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET

We've all got that techie in our life who's obsessed with the newest or coolest gadget. Check out this gift guide to get some ideas on what to buy for a geeky or nerdy loved one.

1 /26: Build-On Brick Mug

1/26 :Build-On Brick Mug

Need a little break but don't want to step away from your desk? Sip some coffee or tea, and build something epic on this Build-On Brick mug (starting at $10, Think Geek). 

2 /26: Sensorwake alarm clock

2/26 :Sensorwake alarm clock

Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey! Well, not exactly. With the Sensorwake alarm clock, ($89, Sensorwake) you can wake up to a scent instead of a sound.

3 /26: Photorito Lens Wrap

3/26 :Photorito Lens Wrap

Fool your hungry friends and co-workers into thinking your protective camera lens wrap is a burrito with the Photorito Lens Wrap. ($10, Photojojo)

4 /26: Touch Tonic for gloves

4/26 :Touch Tonic for gloves

It's not easy to find the perfect gloves that'll both keep your hands warm and let you use a touch-screen device while wearing it. (Quite frankly, most touch-screen gloves are either too thin or don't fit properly.) With Photojojo Touch Tonic, ($10, Photojojo) you can customize the areas of your gloves that you'd prefer to use when you're trying to text in the cold. 

5 /26: Bartesian

5/26 :Bartesian

Hosting a party at your place? Cocktails are a must. Check out the Bartesian cocktail machine ($299, Bartesian). It's like a Keurig, but for alcoholic drinks. Plus it'll look great right next to your Keurig.

6 /26: Truffol USB charger

6/26 :Truffol USB charger

Do you ever need to charge multiple items at once but don't have enough outlets? If you've ever looked for a USB charger hub, look no further than this Truffol USB charger ($39, Truffol) with five ports.

7 /26: Keyboard waffle iron

7/26 :Keyboard waffle iron

Wake up in front of a yummier keyboard tomorrow morning. CTRL + S this keyboard waffle iron ($85, Keyboard Waffle Iron) link for that computer junkie in your life.

8 /26: Tile

8/26 :Tile

Let's not talk about how many times you've lost a set of keys or your phone. Let Tile ($25, Amazon) help you out. This compact Bluetooth tracker will help you find your lost items. (And it'll make your lost phone ring even if it's on silent.)

9 /26: PowerUp 2.0

9/26 :PowerUp 2.0

Did you think paper airplanes were lame? Think again. The PowerUp 2.0 ($17, PowerUp) is a gadget that'll help power up your flimsy paper airplane. 

10 /26: Blackout Buddy

10/26 :Blackout Buddy

Blackouts are the worst, especially if you're unprepared. Don't worry about checking batteries anymore — grab this Blackout Buddy ($15, Amazon), a flashlight that runs on water. Just keep emergency bottles of water in your home, and you'll have light (and be hydrated) in case of a blackout.

11 /26: 'No, I will not fix your computer'

11/26 :'No, I will not fix your computer'

"Hey, can you fix my comp — oh..." That IT guy or gal in your life will get a kick out of this "No, I will not fix your computer" T-shirt ($15, Think Tank). Well, somebody's got to do it...

12 /26: USB light

12/26 :USB light

Need a tiny bit of light when you're typing in a dark room? Grab a mini LED USB light ($8, Amazon) that'll shine while you're doing some late-night typing. 

13 /26: Thirsty Plant DIY Kit

13/26 :Thirsty Plant DIY Kit

Plants can be difficult to care for, because you normally end up giving it too much water or not enough. With the Technology Will Save Us Thirsty Plant DIY Kit ($32, Urban Outfitters), you can create a circuit moisture sensor that'll tell you when to water your leafy friend. 

14 /26: Amazon Echo

14/26 :Amazon Echo

Who doesn't love a hands-free device with voice control that can play all your music? Check out the Amazon Echo. ($180, Amazon)

15 /26: Exploding Kittens

15/26 :Exploding Kittens

Card games are a great way to pass time with good friends. Exploding Kittens ($20, Amazon) is a cat version of Russian roulette. 

16 /26: Cool Invent laptop stand

16/26 :Cool Invent laptop stand

Don't adjust your body to the height of your laptop depending on where you're sitting, standing or lying. The Cool Invent laptop stand ($69, Cool Invent) is portable and lets you adjust the height into three different styles for your comfort. 

17 /26: Self-stirring mug

17/26 :Self-stirring mug

When you're constantly busy, even stirring your coffee seems like a chore. Don't worry about mixing that sugar and milk — the self-stirring mug ($19, Stirring Mug) will stir your drink with just the push of a button.

18 /26: Moxie showerhead with wireless speaker

18/26 :Moxie showerhead with wireless speaker

Singing in the shower has never been more fun. The Moxie showerhead with wireless speaker ($141, Home Depot) lets you scrub-a-dub-dub and rock out to your favorite hits.

19 /26: 'Cereal Killer'

19/26 :'Cereal Killer'

Crunch and chomp away at your favorite cereal with this "Cereal Killer" spoon. ($12, Etsy)

20 /26: Accessory organizer

20/26 :Accessory organizer

Untangling cords is the worst. Get your techie pal a Cocoon Grid-It! accessory organizer ($20, Cocoon) so they'll be able to easily store their tech accessories neatly.

21 /26: 'Graphics' T-shirt

21/26 :'Graphics' T-shirt

"I went outside once. The graphics are not that good." This quirky T-shirt ($15, Etsy) will be a funny gift for that one friend who spends most of their time indoors.

22 /26: 'How to Speak Emoji'

22/26 :'How to Speak Emoji'

Want to learn another language? Learn How to Speak Emoji ($14, Firebox). You're sure to impress friends with your new emoji skills after browsing through this book.

23 /26: Geek nerd clock

23/26 :Geek nerd clock

What time is it? Only the true fans will understand this geek nerd clock. ($21, Etsy)

24 /26: Coffee on the Dark Side

24/26 :Coffee on the Dark Side

OK, black-coffee drinkers, this one's for you. Star Wars fans should appreciate this Darth Vader "I like my coffee on the Dark Side" ($13, Etsy) travel tumbler

25 /26: Archaeology Soap

25/26 :Archaeology Soap

The Archaeology Soap bar ($17, Think Geek) is whimsical and educational. This bar has two plastic dinosaurs in it, a layer of pumice and a layer of betonite clay.

26 /26: Click and shop

26/26 :Click and shop

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