20 Sweet quotes about sisters

by Julie Evans
Feb 11, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. ET

There is no relationship in the world like that between sisters. Through the good times and bad, laughter and screams, nothing can change the fact that you are bonded by something deep. Here are 20 quotes that celebrate sisterhood. 

1/21 :Heart-to-heart

The bond is deep. 

2/21 :Sweet

Sisters make things sweet. 

3/21 :Hair


4/21 :Can't kid your sister

Sometimes sisters know us better than we know ourselves.

5/21 :Watchers and dancers

Which one are you? 

6/21 :With the territory

Like 'em or not, they're ours for life. 

7/21 :Childhood

Together, through it all. 

8/21 :Sharing

If only we could learn this one earlier.

9/21 :Comfort

There is nothing like a good sister. 

10/21 :Flowers

How does your garden grow?

11/21 :Work

Like all things worth it, sisterhood takes work. 


12/21 :Competition

Time changes so much.

13/21 :Only a sister can understand

So. True.

14/21 :No friend like a sister

There is no other relationship like that between sisters.

15/21 :Always remember

Oh, so true. 

16/21 :Reflection

Sisters show us so much about ourselves. 

17/21 :Sharing

Sisters share so much, though maybe not shoes.

18/21 :Gifts

The good ones, anyway. 

19/21 :Growing up

No one ever said sisters don't squabble.

20/21 :Part of yourself

Connected for life.

21/21 :Sweet quotes for sisters