50 Girls' Trips You Can Take in the United States — No Passport Required

by Theresa Edwards
Nov 14, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. ET

It's true that summer is the official season for road trips, but is there really a time that isn't amazing for a solid vacay? Especially during the winter months when stress is at an all-time high and we actually do have a couple more long weekends to take advantage of, grabbing a friend or two and setting off on an adventure is totally necessary. 

We say carpe the hell of that diem and hit the road with your friends whenever the mood strikes. 

And there is truly nothing like the quintessential "girl's getaway" — a chance for you and some of your besties to ditch work and responsibilities for some much-needed days of female bonding and unabashed girl time. You don't even have to go that far to get worlds away. Here are 50 girlfriend trips here in the States to add to your travel bucket list.

Originally published January 2016. Updated November 2017.

1 /50: Alabama: SanRoc Cay

1/50 :Alabama: SanRoc Cay

You probably don’t associate Alabama with gorgeous beaches — but you should. The Gulf Coast is packed with lovely beaches, and Orange Beach, home to SanRoc Cay, is massively popular among girlfriend groups for its beach access, cute boutiques and upscale shopping and dining.

2 /50: Alaska: Cruise

2/50 :Alaska: Cruise

Not every cruise needs to have a Caribbean destination on its itinerary. Alaska is truly one of the last expanses of true wilderness in the country. With all of the fjords, passages and glaciers to explore, an all-inclusive cruise is your ticket to a stress-free getaway with breathtaking views.

3 /50: Arkansas: Hot Springs

3/50 :Arkansas: Hot Springs

Also known as “The Spa City,” Hot Springs, Arkansas, has a little something for every interest — but the main draw is varsity-level pampering. Get a massage, spend a little time at an oxygen bar or visit one of the many mineral bathhouses.

4 /50: Arizona: Scottsdale

4/50 :Arizona: Scottsdale

If Arizona has never been on your list of must-visit places, you should rectify that. There’s gorgeous scenery in between vibrant cities, and Scottsdale itself is packed full of galleries, shopping and crazy fun nightlife. If you don’t want to visit during the 100-degree (and up!) summer months, why not escape from a colder climate in November, where the highs can hit a perfectly pleasant 75 degrees.

5 /50: California: Sonoma

5/50 :California: Sonoma

You probably know why Sonoma is on this list, and yes, it’s mostly the wine. But outdoorsy types will love the extensive hike and bike opportunities, gorgeous climates and breathtaking scenery of Sonoma Valley.

6 /50: Colorado: Denver

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6/50 :Colorado: Denver

Why Colorado? Decide for yourself: There are tons of outdoors activities, a great art scene and all types of “greenery” for all levels of adventurousness. When you’re done exploring the city, Estes Park is just a stone’s throw away, literally nestled in the heart of the Rockies, where you can check out cute shops and take in the wildlife.

7 /50: Delaware: Rehoboth

7/50 :Delaware: Rehoboth

Rehoboth has an adorable boardwalk overlooking the ocean and a friendly feel to it, but its biggest draw will be for the savvy spenders, since all of the many shopping options come with an unexpected perk: It's tax-free, year round.

8 /50: Florida: Naples

8/50 :Florida: Naples

Let’s face it: Florida can feel extremely touristy, but that’s only if you hit the usual haunts. Skip Disney World and Miami and head for Naples instead. It’s not much in the way of nightlife, but that’s kind of the point. What it lacks in flash it makes up for in being a low-key escape where you can hang out at the pubs or promenade in the botanical garden.

9 /50: Georgia: Savannah

9/50 :Georgia: Savannah

Savannah is a tiny, quirky little place that has lots to love. It’s gorgeous, of course, and said to be “The Most Haunted City” in America. Whatever you’re into, it’s got: Head to the River Walk for nightlife and a to-go cup of your favorite cocktail, take a ghost tour, check out the many art galleries or head east to the islands for a little beach time.

10/50 :Hawaii: Kauai

You really can’t go wrong with Hawaii — the whole place is freakin’ gorgeous. But head for Kauai for Waimea Canyon, cave diving, snorkeling and ATV tours. Once you’re worn out, hit up one of Kauai’s many spas for a little lomilomi.

11 /50: Idaho: Coeur d'Alene

11/50 :Idaho: Coeur d'Alene

The Lake City is often overlooked, but it definitely shouldn’t be. It’s got beautiful marinas and tons of boat tours, resorts, skiing and a bonus: It’s only 30 miles from Spokane, if the need for nightlife grabs you.

12 /50: Illinois: Chicago

12/50 :Illinois: Chicago

Chicago has budget accommodations that feel upscale (Hotel Allegro) and upscale lodgings that feel positively palatial (The Thompson), which makes accessing the entertainment at Millennium Park, the Observatory and too-many-to-count eateries that satisfy every conceivable taste a breeze.

13 /50: Indiana: Indianapolis

13/50 :Indiana: Indianapolis

Indy is too perfect for a highbrow girl’s getaway, from the gondola tours in Ripple to The Fashion Mall, a high end, fashion-only shopping destination featuring Burberry, Coach and Saks Fifth and, of course, a night out at with the Indianapolis Orchestra Symphony.

14 /50: Iowa: Council Bluffs

14/50 :Iowa: Council Bluffs

Council Bluffs is where you’ll want to head for a lady’s casino weekend if you’re easily overwhelmed by Vegas’s over-the-top glitz and glamour. Horseshoe and Harrah’s both make it easy to have an entire adults-only weekend without ever leaving your resort.

15 /50: Kansas: Kansas City

15/50 :Kansas: Kansas City

Kansas City is a foodie’s destination with tons and tons and tons of local coffee shops, gelato stops, chocolatiers, friendly little pubs and elegant prix fixe restaurants. No Michelin stars in the city yet, but don’t be surprised if that changes soon.

16 /50: Kentucky: Lexington

16/50 :Kentucky: Lexington

Here’s something you might not know: Kentucky is freaking gorgeous. Here’s something you might now know about Lexington: It’s a surprisingly modern, quirky city with a thriving art scene. Artsy types will want to check out the many gorgeous murals in the city and hit NoLi Night Market on the first Friday of every month, or get in on the action with a trip to Kre8now Makerspace.

17 /50: Louisiana: New Orleans

17/50 :Louisiana: New Orleans

New Orleans remains one of the best spots for a weekend of ladies-only debauchery. If you want it, NOLA has it: food, music, gorgeous architecture and more than one opportunity to let loose.

18/50 :Maine: Portland

Ah, the “other” Portland. Maine’s rock beaches are great for girl’s groups who want to swap sand and surf for pebbles and breakers.

19 /50: Maryland: Annapolis

19/50 :Maryland: Annapolis

Annapolis is a wonderfully walkable bay city that is sure to rouse some patriotic stirrings given that it’s home to the Naval Academy. Get brunch, go shopping or just enjoy the waterfront views.

20 /50: Massachusetts: Salem

20/50 :Massachusetts: Salem

It might sound totally corny, but if you can, head to Salem for Halloween. After all, in a city whose main claim to fame is witches, you can’t go wrong with spooky outings, séances and psychic readings all set against beautiful fall foliage.

21 /50: Michigan: Detroit

21/50 :Michigan: Detroit

Detroit’s been given an unfair rep. It’s had its share of hardships, sure, but the city is experiencing something of a renaissance, and it’s totally perfect for a girls-only getaway. There’s stunning art deco architecture, plenty of downtown spaces that are totally safe even for late night trips and enough free live music during Labor Day weekend to make Detroit a go-to spot that won’t wreck your wallet.

22 /50: Minnesota: Lake Superior

22/50 :Minnesota: Lake Superior

Don’t let wintry weather keep you from visiting beautiful Lake Superior. If you go in December, you won’t have a single problem finding a swanky resort, like Bluefin Bay or Larsmont, where you can stay in anything from a cottage to a townhome with a group of your closest girlfriends and enjoy all-season in and outdoor Jacuzzis even in the wintry weather.

23 /50: Mississippi: Biloxi

23/50 :Mississippi: Biloxi

Not up for a full-fledged New Orleans trip? Try Biloxi instead, where you can hit the beach, try your luck at a casino or enjoy the more low-key Historic Ocean Springs, just mere minutes from the city.

24 /50: Missouri: Hermann

24/50 :Missouri: Hermann

Need a little fresh air? Pack a picnic lunch and head to the blossoming wine country of Missouri, where you can enjoy wine flights at local favorite Stone Hill Winery and then rent a bicycle and enjoy a lazy ride on the 225-mile Katy Trail. But maybe not in that order.

25 /50: Montana: Philipsburg

25/50 :Montana: Philipsburg

Channel your inner tween girl and her undying love of horses and grab a bunch of your girlfriends for a stay at a dude ranch. Or would that be a dudette ranch? You won’t be roughing it at a place like The Ranch at Rock Creek, a five star lodge resort situated on 6,600 beautiful acres to ride on.

26/50 :Nebraska: Omaha

Are you and your ladies less into wine and more into beer, craft or otherwise? You could do much, much worse than Omaha’s extensive selection of microbreweries and distilleries, located all over the city.

27 /50: Nevada: Las Vegas

27/50 :Nevada: Las Vegas

Admittedly, this might seem a little cliché, but there is nothing that shouts “girl’s weekend” more than a group of Vegas-bound women. Sometimes, literally. The best part about staying at a casino resort? You don’t have to leave: Everything from gaming to brunch and massages are all in the same spot. That’s handy when you’ve been downing comped drinks since before lunch.

28 /50: New Hampshire: White Mountains

28/50 :New Hampshire: White Mountains

There really isn’t a bad time to visit New Hampshire. It’s balmy in the summer, breathtaking in the fall and sporty in the winter with skating, skiing and ice fishing on offer. It’s tough to pick a favorite place, what with all the quiet lakeside towns and multiple camping destinations, but you can’t go wrong with the White Mountains, where you can zip line, picnic and hike. Less of an outdoor girl? There’s no sales tax in New Hampshire — ever. Shop away.

29 /50: New Jersey: Jersey Shore

29/50 :New Jersey: Jersey Shore

Don’t let Snooki and company turn you off of the shore. You and your friends will need to book months in advance, but once you get there, you can enjoy never-ending nightlife, sunbathing, gambling, boardwalk shopping and great eats.

30 /50: New Mexico: Santa Fe

30/50 :New Mexico: Santa Fe

Santa Fe, baby. It’s a vibrant little all-adobe city with no less than 250 art galleries and an opportunity to pick up some art to match your tastes, whether that’s kitschy turquoise baubles or million-dollar masterpieces on Canyon Road. Important: You must not leave Santa Fe without having a mescal margarita somewhere.

31 /50: New York: Finger Lakes

31/50 :New York: Finger Lakes

With tons of vineyards (it’s the state’s largest wine-producing region), beautiful scenery, an observatory and seriously swanky lodgings, the Finger Lakes region in central New York is the perfect downstate escape and an excellent girl’s getaway spot.

32 /50: North Carolina: Asheville

32/50 :North Carolina: Asheville

If you’ve got a diverse group of girlfriends, Asheville has something for everyone. There’s white-water rafting, the genteel Biltmore Estate (with a winery and beautiful garden on its grounds), retail therapy galore and the famous Grove Park Inn Spa for all of your pampering needs.

33 /50: North Dakota: Bottineau Winter Park

33/50 :North Dakota: Bottineau Winter Park

North Dakota is the ultimate winter sports getaway for ladies who love to ski, snowboard, hike or even play a quick pickup game of hockey — and, hands-down, the best place to do it is Bottineau Winter Park in the Turtle Mountains.

34 /50: Ohio: Yellow Springs

34/50 :Ohio: Yellow Springs

Yellow Springs, Ohio, has a definite hippie vibe to it, giving the whole place a bit of a festival feel. There are open-air markets, true farm-to-table dining, writer’s workshops and tons of live music that covers every genre from jazz to New Age.

35 /50: Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

35/50 :Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

Bricktown is Oklahoma City’s entertainment district. It’s safe, totally walkable and you can catch the water taxi up the canal to take in a few of the sights before heading to one of Bricktown’s low-key bars or taverns.

36 /50: Oregon: Seaside

36/50 :Oregon: Seaside

Just an hour and a half from all of the bustle (and crazy cool architecture) in Portland, Seaside is a great place to wine, dine and just promenade with your girls on well, the Promenade, a mile-and-a-half-long oceanfront walkway.

37 /50: Pennsylvania: Hershey

37/50 :Pennsylvania: Hershey

Hershey has chocolate. That should be enough to make it a prime girl’s weekend destination, but just in case it isn’t, how about an affordable theme park, gorgeous gardens, tons of shopping and an upscale resort and spa with chocolate-infused treatments like the “whipped cocoa bath?”

38 /50: Rhode Island: Newport

38/50 :Rhode Island: Newport

Everything you need for the perfect girl’s weekend is right on Newport’s waterfront, including great Bloody Marys and brunch spots and cute seaside spas for a perfect mani-pedi.

39 /50: South Carolina: Hilton Head

39/50 :South Carolina: Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island feels downright tropical next to your standard coastline vacations, with its lush greenery and palm trees. It’s tucked neatly into the coast with really nice all-inclusive resorts on offer, but if the quiet starts to get to your gang, you can head north to Charleston or south to Savannah and be there before happy hour.

40 /50: South Dakota: Sioux Falls

40/50 :South Dakota: Sioux Falls

Once you’re done soaking in all of the gorgeous scenery at Falls Park, you can head back out into town for the low-key SculptureWalk and grab a nightcap at one of the city’s charming little hole-in-the-wall nightclubs before tucking in for the night.

41 /50: Tennessee: Nashville

41/50 :Tennessee: Nashville

Nashville is a must for girl’s trips and bachelorette parties. If you’re looking for a night of barhopping, dancing and good old-fashioned honky-tonks, you’ll want to hit Broadway. You might not find many locals there, but it’s tough to pass up so many watering holes in one spot. If you were hoping for something slightly more low-key, you can’t go wrong with Belle Meade Plantation, which has on-site wine tasting.

42/50 :Texas: Lakeway

Just a half hour from Austin, and situated on the nearly rebounded Lake Travis, Lakeway is located in the Hill Country, which has gorgeous views. You can rent a party boat, chill at one of the many spas nearby and enjoy shopping at the local Galleria. If you start to get suburban fever, you can easily head into the city or go for a slightly longer drive to Fredericksburg, a cute little German town, where wineries line highway 290 on your way in.

43/50 :Utah: St. George

St. George is straight-up spa country, including destination resorts like Red Mountain Resort and Deep Canyon Spa, plus tons of day spas for an in-and-out experience. If that idea makes you sleepy, try one of the many outdoor activities set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Zion National Park, like canyoneering, zip lining, air tours, rock climbing and paddle boarding.

44 /50: Vermont: Burlington

44/50 :Vermont: Burlington

Between the beautiful Adirondacks views, placid Lake Champlain and a plethora of activities like parasailing and sailboat rentals accessible all along the lake’s shoreline, you won’t even need to go into the city proper unless you want to. And you just might: Church Street has tons of shopping to offer, plus brewery tours that hit up major microbreweries are available too.

45 /50: Virginia: Shenandoah Valley

45/50 :Virginia: Shenandoah Valley

Virginia isn’t just for lovers — it’s for groups of good friends, too. Shenandoah Valley is packed with teeny tiny towns, spa resorts, wineries and even lavender farms, where you can pick your own lavender stems if you visit between May and July, which is blooming season.

46 /50: Washington: Whidbey Island

46/50 :Washington: Whidbey Island

Grab a group of your besties and get a cabin to yourselves, where you can unwind at home base. From there, you can enjoy ferry transportation across the Sound to state parks and Deception Pass, or a short car trip into the lovely city of Tacoma, where you can explore everything the birthplace of grunge has to offer.

47 /50: West Virginia: Roanoke

47/50 :West Virginia: Roanoke

In Roanoke you’ll find a downtown shopping center with lots of little specialty shops, more than a few wineries and wine tasting opportunities and some serious pampering at the Stonewall Resort spa getaway. All of this is situated right in the heart of Roanoke Valley’s natural beauty, accessible via multiple state parks.

48 /50: Wisconsin: Kohler

48/50 :Wisconsin: Kohler

Kohler sits on the shores of Lake Michigan, and most of the fun you can have there can be experienced without leaving one of the state's hidden treasures: The American Club. You’ll find the Kohler Waters Spa, dining and wine tastings coupled with tons of Wisconsin’s most famous export: cheese.

49 /50: Wyoming: Jackson Hole

49/50 :Wyoming: Jackson Hole

Wyoming is a fantastic destination for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, and even the high-end luxury resorts with onsite spas and infinity pools have a hunting lodge feel, making Jackson Hole a perfect destination for the gals that need a little wilderness adventure.

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