24 facts about Canada you probably didn't know

by Nantale Muwonge
Oct 13, 2016 at 4:00 a.m. ET

Besides being that happy and friendly place that rests just above the U.S., there's so much more to Canada than meets the eye. You probably know that their flag has a maple leaf on it, and they make a mean coffee (Tim Hortons, anyone?). But beyond the ever-present Canadian stereotypes, most of us are still pretty curious about what's going on up north.

Finally -- O Finally -- our burning questions about Canada have been answered by Imgurian johnnyhasadhd, who really cares a lot about the peaceful land. This savvy Imgur user rounded up some fun facts about Canada that we'd never heard before and turned them into user-friendly graphics.

1 /24: 1-800-Canada

1/24 :1-800-Canada

Even the Canadian government can take a joke.

2 /24: The Atlantic Ocean

2/24 :The Atlantic Ocean

It is just like everything you've seen in the movies.

3 /24: Canadian money

3/24 :Canadian money

There's that forward-thinking government again.

4 /24: "Canada" means "village"

4/24 :"Canada" means "village"

And they live up to their welcoming reputation.

5 /24: Canada vs. America

5/24 :Canada vs. America

The truth kinda hurts.

6 /24: Macaroni and cheese

6/24 :Macaroni and cheese

Two words for this one: Kraft Dinner.

7 /24: The Eiffel Tower

7/24 :The Eiffel Tower

This might be our biggest North American regret.

8 /24: Polar bears

8/24 :Polar bears

This is both scary and heart-warming at the same time.

9 /24: In comparison to Tokyo

9/24 :In comparison to Tokyo

If you want to travel somewhere calm, quiet and way less populated, Canada's the place to be.

10 /24: Canadian coastline

10/24 :Canadian coastline

Who can say they've been to a Canadian beach?

11 /24: Oil reserves

11/24 :Oil reserves

The Canadian oil industry produces as many as 3.9 million barrels per day.

12 /24: Less gravity

12/24 :Less gravity

Maybe that's why most Canadians act so relaxed.

13 /24: Yonge Street

13/24 :Yonge Street

If you're ever in Toronto, it's worth a drive.

14 /24: Lowest temperatures

14/24 :Lowest temperatures

They also plug in their cars. Yes, that's a thing.

15 /24: Mall of America

15/24 :Mall of America

And Alberta's West Edmonton Mall, aka the largest shopping mall in North America, is pretty impressive too.

16 /24: Highly educated country

16/24 :Highly educated country

We're not worthy.

17 /24: Most lakes in the world

17/24 :Most lakes in the world

Yet another reason to travel to the big C-A.

18 /24: Weapons of mass destruction

18/24 :Weapons of mass destruction

We're taking notes.

19 /24: Best licence plates

19/24 :Best licence plates

It's confirmed -- it doesn't get any cuter than this.

20 /24: Second-largest country

20/24 :Second-largest country

So much to explore, so little time.

21 /24: Prostitution is legal

21/24 :Prostitution is legal

Close, but no cigar.

22 /24: Positive tickets

22/24 :Positive tickets

Now, this is just adorable.

23 /24: Third country in space

23/24 :Third country in space

Finally, they're getting some credit!

24 /24: WWII buttons

24/24 :WWII buttons

Always the class act, Canada has never left a man behind.

Originally published Dec. 2015. Updated Oct. 2016.