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College students who’ve walked out and shaken up world history

Following months of student and faculty demonstrations, University of Missouri president Timothy M. Wolfe recently resigned, and chancellor R. Bowen Loftin agreed to step down to a less prominent position.

The protests were held to address ongoing racism, particularly against the student body president, who is black. Following the resignations, the university announced new initiatives to address discrimination on campus. White House press secretary Josh Earnest praised the students, saying, “A few people speaking up and speaking out can have a profound impact.”

On Missouri’s heels came Ithaca College this week. Students and faculty with the school’s People of Color organized a solidarity walkout to protest racial insensitivity on the campus. Despite student demands, university president Tom Rochon has not stepped down but is working with other administrators to address the school’s racially charged incidents.

But Mizzou and Ithaca are certainly not the first schools to take action against perceived unfair treatment and discrimination. In fact, America has a long history of powerful student walkouts. Let’s go back in time to see just how much impact they’ve had over the years.

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