15 awesome gifts for the selfie addict on your shopping list

by Jeanne Sager
Dec 12, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Thanks to social media (and the Kardashians) capturing the perfect selfie has become a fine art. If you have a selfie-obsessed loved one on your holiday list this year, why not pick them up a gift that will take their self portrait game to the next level?

Dive into the ultimate list of gifts for the selfie taker.

Originally published November 2015. Updated December 2016.

1 /16: Light up phone case

1/16 :Light up phone case

Any selfie addict will tell you that lighting is everything. A light up phone case will have them basking in a soft glow every time they snap a pic. (Amazon, $30)

2 /16: Selfie stick

2/16 :Selfie stick

Obviously, a selfie stick is a total must-have. (Amazon, $14)

3 /16: #Selfie coffee mug

3/16 :#Selfie coffee mug

Coffee and selfies go together like peanut butter and jelly. This mug is truly perfect. (HoneyDropDecals/Etsy, $14)

4 /16: 'Love Your Selfie' makeup kit

4/16 :'Love Your Selfie' makeup kit

PÜR's "Love Your Selfie" kit is filled with everything they need to contour their way to a perfect close-up. (Ulta, $39)

5 /16: Stick on smartphone lenses

5/16 :Stick on smartphone lenses

Magnetic professional-quality lenses enable them to take artsy photos, #nofilter needed. (Photojojo, $49)

6 /16: Instant mobile printer

6/16 :Instant mobile printer

This tiny mobile printer the size of a phone lets them print good ol' fashioned hard copies of their selfies on the go. (Photojojo, $129)

7 /16: Selfie necklace

7/16 :Selfie necklace

What better jewelry is there than a necklace that will help you rock your selfie style with a bit of hashtag bling? (Etsy, $15)


8 /16: Selfie marshmallows

8/16 :Selfie marshmallows

Your photo never tasted as good as it did on these selfie marshmallows! (Boomf, $15 for nine)

9 /16: Instagram cookie cutter

9/16 :Instagram cookie cutter

Got a baker on your list who's going to snap (selfies, that is)? Get on their sweet list with this Instagram cookie cutter. (Etsy, $6)

10 /16: This Is My Selfie Shirt

10/16 :This Is My Selfie Shirt

Selfie pride? Check. Backwards lettering for maximum showing off of said pride in a future selfie? Check. Gift that will make you laugh every time you see them wearing it? Check. Check! (Mint Tees/Etsy, $17)

11 /16: Podo stickable camera

11/16 :Podo stickable camera

Forget trying to stretch out your arm while you take a shot of you with your besties. The Podo stickable camera can be stuck just about anywhere, while you back up far enough to get everyone in the shot. The camera is wireless, of course, and it will begin shipping in January 2016, so print out this photo and give 'em an IOU in the stocking! (Podo Labs, $59)


12 /16: Believe In Your Selfie print

12/16 :Believe In Your Selfie print

This inspirational print isn't just for selfie lovers, but it doesn't hurt if your loved one's a fan. (Etsy, $6 for an instant download)


13 /16: Magnet wall frame

13/16 :Magnet wall frame

You could frame a selfie, but it's so hard to choose just one. This fun magnet frame lets a selfie fan change what photos they're featuring when the mood strikes. (Sticky9, $40)

14 /16: Selfie props

14/16 :Selfie props

Need a cheap gift that will actually get some use? Help them spice up their selfies with fun props! (Amazon, $11)

15 /16: Instagram purse

15/16 :Instagram purse

If your selfie fan is the type who can never have too many bags (and really, who can?), they'll flip for this Instagram camera bag that's perfect for toting that cell phone around. (meemanan/Etsy, $33)

16 /16: Selfie addict gifts

16/16 :Selfie addict gifts

From cameras to cookies, sweet treats for the selfie addict on your list.