Out-of-the-Box Gifts for Grandparents That'll Put a Smile On Their Face

by Julie Evans
Nov 2, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Great gift ideas for grandparents
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The holidays are here, and it's the most wonderful time of the year. The sights and smells of the season take us back to the fond memories of our childhoods, and if you think about it, most of those memories are directly connected to our grandparents. Yup, Grandma and Grandpa are pretty much what the warm-fuzzy memories of Christmases past are made of — which obviously means that we need to return the favor now that we are adults and celebrate our grandparents during the holiday season. We gotta pull out all the stops when it comes to getting them great gifts.

And pulling out all the stops doesn't necessarily mean we have to spend a fortune. The best presents are more about the sentiment, after all. These gifts are perfect for our beloved grandparents, and proof that it's truly the thought that counts.

Originally published November 2015. Updated November 2017.

1 /24: Personalized family tree

1/24 :Personalized family tree

Grandparents will love to show off their family with one of these personalized trees that can be displayed anywhere.

Family tree with grandchildren's names, $20 at Etsy

2 /24: Grandparents' journal

2/24 :Grandparents' journal

This gift for grandparents is also a gift for generations to come, as it provides an easy way for them to record their memories and family history.

"The Gandparent Book: A Keepsake Journal," $13.59 at Amazon

3 /24: Digital photo cube

3/24 :Digital photo cube

Perfect for proud grandparents who can't pick which pictures of their grandchildren to show off.

Trademark Revolving Photo Cube, $8.99 at Staples

4 /24: Personalized rolling pin

4/24 :Personalized rolling pin

Grandma will have more fun making her famous pies with one of these pretty, personalized rolling pins

Laser engraved rolling pins, $34.99 at Etsy

5 /24: Grandparent pillow

5/24 :Grandparent pillow

Grandparents can proudly display their status with this sweet pillow. The simple design and colors will work well in any room.

Personalized pillow, $41 at Etsy

6 /24: Two-state map

6/24 :Two-state map

The perfect way to show grandparents who don't live closeby that they're always close in your heart. 

Custom two-state map, $25 at Etsy

7 /24: Grandparent mug

7/24 :Grandparent mug

Start their morning off right with a smile and sweet thoughts from you

Custom mug, $12 at Etsy

8 /24: Grandpa T-shirt

8/24 :Grandpa T-shirt

Let him wear his status loud and proud. The message is simple and to the point. 

Personalized shirt, $12 at Etsy

9 /24: Grandmother necklace

9/24 :Grandmother necklace

A little bling for Grandma lets her wear her love for her grandchildren prominently. 

Grandmother necklace, $43 at Etsy

10 /24: Personalized baby picture

10/24 :Personalized baby picture

This one is easy — and way too cute, because every grandparent needs a personalized pic of the newest addition to the family.

Personalized new baby photo frame, $20.70 at Etsy


11 /24: Personalized family print

11/24 :Personalized family print

Cute and quirky and something any doting grandparent would be proud to hang on the wall

Personalized family print, $75-$125 at Uncommon Goods

12 /24: Personalized stepping stones

12/24 :Personalized stepping stones

For the grandparent who loves to garden, these personalized stepping stones are a must-have. 

Garden stepping stone, $29.99 at Personal Creations

13 /24: Birthday board

13/24 :Birthday board

Undeniably, the cutest way for a grandparent to keep all the kids' birthdays organized

Family blessings birthday board, $65 at Etsy

14 /24: Kidoodles

14/24 :Kidoodles

A jewelry charm made from your child's drawing is guaranteed to get any grandparent all choked up.

Kidoodles handcrafted jewelry, $60 and up at Kidoodles

15 /24: Funny socks

15/24 :Funny socks

These hilarious socks will be the hit of every family gathering.

Grandpa is sleeping socks, $9.50 at Etsy

16 /24: Photo blanket

16/24 :Photo blanket

This warm snuggly blanket can be customized with up to 80 family photos. 

Personalized photo blanket, $39.99 and up at collage.com

17 /24: Engraved hammer

17/24 :Engraved hammer

A hammer engraved with "My Grandmpa can fix anything" will be cherished forever. 

Personalized hammer, $19.99 at Etsy

18 /24: Matching mugs

18/24 :Matching mugs

Grandma and Grampa will love drinking their coffee together with these gorgeous mugs to look at.

Matching mug set, $28.50 at Etsy

19 /24: Three generations necklace set

19/24 :Three generations necklace set

This necklace set symobolizes the generational bond between grandmother, daughter and granddaughter. 

Grandmother, daughter and granddaughter necklace set, $140 at Etsy

20 /24: Nana & Papa's house sign

20/24 :Nana & Papa's house sign

They'll proudly hang this cute sign on the front door. 

"Nana & Papa's House" sign, $10.76 at Etsy

21 /24: Gardening apron

21/24 :Gardening apron

This apron is perfect for the gardening grandparent in your life! 

Gardening apron, $18 at Etsy

22 /24: LED winter beanie

22/24 :LED winter beanie

Sure, it looks kinda goofy, but this warm beanie is perfect for cold nights around the campfire with the whole family. 

LED beanie, $10 at MobStub

23 /24: Etched city map glasses

23/24 :Etched city map glasses

They will love drinking their nightcap from a glass etched with a map of the city where they met. 

City map glass, $14 for one at Uncommon Goods

24 /24: Gifts grandparents will love

Great gift ideas for grandparents
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

24/24 :Gifts grandparents will love

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