21 Gifts for Her That Will Make the Holidays Pure Magic

by Sarah Long
Nov 6, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. ET
Gifts for Her That Will Make the Holidays Pure Magic
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Let's be real — the only people who are easy to shop for are ourselves. If you're like me and have a big circle of women on your gift list and they all have diverse interests, holiday shopping can be downright exhausting — which makes it extremely difficult if you're trying to buy someone you love something that's super-heartfelt. Not only that, now that the holidays are overly commercialized, we're constantly bombarded with a million products from the second Halloween is over until Christmas Eve.

How are you supposed to know what to buy for your partner/girlfriend/sister/mom/aunt/grandmother?

Believe us; every gift on this list will be a home run. From must-have skin care to travel-size luxuries, all of these products are surprises she'll love. How do we know? We've already purchased them all for ourselves.

Originally published November 2015. Updated November 2017.

1 /23: Statement kimono

1/23 :Statement kimono

The Margo constellation print kimono, $225 at Sunday Forever

2 /23: A killer sheet mask

2/23 :A killer sheet mask

Dermovia Lace Your Face Rejuvenating Collagen Compression Facial Mask, $15 – $55 at Nordstrom

3 /23: Stellar carry-on

3/23 :Stellar carry-on

The Carry-On, $225 at Away

4 /23: Wireless headphones

4/23 :Wireless headphones

Beats Solo 3 Wireless, $299.95 at Beats by Dre

5 /23: Luxurious shower gel

5/23 :Luxurious shower gel

Twilight Dreamy Lavender Lather, $9.95 at Lush

6 /23: Monogrammed necklace

6/23 :Monogrammed necklace

Delicate monogram necklace, $38 at Anthropologie

7 /23: A high-end candle

7/23 :A high-end candle

Feu de Bois wood fire scented candle, $64 at Diptyque Paris

8 /23: A huge palette

8/23 :A huge palette

Galaxy eyeshadow palette, $59 at Fenty Beauty

9 /23: Air purifier

9/23 :Air purifier

WSTA desktop air purifier, $38.39 at Amazon

10 /23: Comfy socks

10/23 :Comfy socks

Women's Originals ankle socks, $12 at Bombas

11 /23: Aromatherapy oil

11/23 :Aromatherapy oil

Ginger Flight Therapy, $31 at Aesop

12 /23: Essential oils diffuser

12/23 :Essential oils diffuser

White stone diffuser, $119 at Vitruvi

13 /23: A hardcore beverage holder

13/23 :A hardcore beverage holder

Rambler 20-ounce tumbler, $29.99 at Yeti

14 /23: Tea

14/23 :Tea

Winter Favourites Kit, $26 at DavidsTea

15 /23: Cozy slippers

15/23 :Cozy slippers

Women's Out 'n About moccasin slippers, $95 at Sorel, $95 at Sorel

16 /23: Coffee maker

16/23 :Coffee maker

Chambord French press, $50 Bodum

17 /23: Light therapy machine

17/23 :Light therapy machine

LightStim for Wrinkles, $249 at LightStim

18 /23: DNA discovery kit

18/23 :DNA discovery kit

Health and ancestry service, $199 at 23andMe

19 /23: The softest sweatshirt ever

19/23 :The softest sweatshirt ever

Smooshshirt, $136 at Emi Jay

20 /23: Bluetooth key tracker

20/23 :Bluetooth key tracker

Tile Mate, $25 at Tile

21 /23: Face serum

21/23 :Face serum

Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum, $46 at Sephora

22 /23: Gorgeous yoga pants

22/23 :Gorgeous yoga pants

Lace In Place Urban Active Leggings, $90 at Yoga Democracy

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