14 Gifts for Her She’ll Actually Love

For many, gift shopping is one of their favorite times of the year, skipping through stores, scrolling through websites, excitedly wrapping and putting the finishing touches on all their gifts weeks before the holidays. And then there’s everyone else — those who stare blankly at their list of friends and loved ones without any idea of what to gift for about 95 percent of them, including the women on the list.

Some women in your life are obviously much easier to shop for — your best friend, your sibling, even your mom. But what the heck do you get your grandmother who is notorious for regifting? Or how about your significant other’s aunt who you’ve had a conversation with a grand total of three times and still somehow know nothing about? Even worse: What do you get your boyfriend’s mom?

Don’t throw in the towel just yet. There are plenty of universally loved and equally useful gifts the women on your list will want. From beauty products like bath bombs and face and hair masks to fitness essentials like headphones and even jewelry and candles (but with a cause!), here are 14 gifts worth bookmarking or saving on your Amazon list this year.