Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for When All You've Got Is Your Makeup Bag

by Sarah Duncan
Oct 3, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

It's approximately three hours until that kick-ass costume-required Halloween party that you've known about for, oh, two months starts, and you still haven't put any thought into what you're gonna wear. We all do it almost every year — it's just one of those life lessons we refuse to learn. 

Our only saving grace is that we love makeup and keep a fully stocked arsenal of products on our person at pretty much all times. With a bit of makeup, a little time and a good tutorial, it's easy to put together a costume that looks like we've been planning it since last year.

We've gathered a whole list of Halloween makeup looks — and most of them are easy enough for even a novice to master. From spooky to cute and everything in between, these looks are total All Hallows Eve material. Giddyap. 

Originally published October 2015. Updated October 2017.

1 /19: Pop art princess

1/19 :Pop art princess

2 /19: Shimmering mermaid

2/19 :Shimmering mermaid

3 /19: Scary skeleton

3/19 :Scary skeleton

If you're dexterous with your eyeliner pencil, then this could be the perfect Halloween makeup test for you. 

4 /19: Tears of blood

4/19 :Tears of blood

A fuss-free Halloween costume is as easy as splattering some red makeup on your face and calling it blood. 

5 /19: Harley Quinn

5/19 :Harley Quinn

6 /19: Zipper face

6/19 :Zipper face

Who knew you could create a Halloween costume with just a zipper and some lipstick? 

7 /19: A cat straight of Broadway

7/19 :A cat straight of Broadway

All it takes is some textured flicks of your liquid eyeliner to get this cat look. 

8/19 :Sugar skull

Day of the Dead makeup is always a hit. Just pop on some of your most colourful makeup to achieve this look.

9 /19: Freaky baby doll

9/19 :Freaky baby doll

You too could look this creepy with just some white foundation, lipstick, blush and liquid eyeliner.

10 /19: Barbie

10/19 :Barbie

If you're a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, then this is the costume for you this Halloween. 

11 /19: Japanese anime

11/19 :Japanese anime

Get this look with some Hello Kitty stickers, huge eyelashes and over-the-top white eyeshadow.

12/19 :Twisty

13/19 :Old lady

How about you give the old lady get-up a go?

14/19 :Two-face

15 /19: Zombie Marie Antoinette

15/19 :Zombie Marie Antoinette

Zombie makeup is so hot right now, and this surprisingly easy Zombie Marie Antoinette is even hotter.

16 /19: Dark Swan

16/19 :Dark Swan

You can become Once Upon a Time's Dark Swan with just a little time and a whole lotta white makeup.

17 /19: Alex Vause

17/19 :Alex Vause

Really, guys, this OITNB makeup doesn't get any easier. (And we were already dying to copy Alex's look.)

18 /19: 'American Horror Story' sister

18/19 :'American Horror Story' sister

Saving the best for last, this AHS look is straight out of Asylum.

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