Thanksgiving Quotes Perfect to Read Around the Dinner Table This Holiday

by Jeanne Sager
Nov 3, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. ET

If we're being totally real, the origins of Thanksgiving are shady at best. However, we can really get behind the holiday that it has turned into. Nowadays, it's less about pilgrims, and the focus is on coming together with loved ones to stuff ourselves silly and express our gratitude for all the amazing blessings we have in our lives. Thanksgiving is all about the warm fuzzies. The food, the wine, cozy sweaters — when you think of Thanksgiving, you think of home.

And when we gather with friends and relatives, the vibes of thanks always hang in the air, but we don't always know how to articulate how we feel. But that's OK, because there are plenty of people out there who are totally capable of articulating our grateful feelings for us.  

These Thanksgiving quotes are perfect to read around the dinner table so everyone around you can feel the love.

Originally published November 2015. Updated November 2017.

1/40 :That most American of days

2 /40: Enough is enough

2/40 :Enough is enough

3/40 :Count your blessings

4 /40: Practice every day

4/40 :Practice every day

5/40 :Be virtuous

6 /40: Happiness is...

6/40 :Happiness is...

7 /40: The best day

7/40 :The best day

8/40 :The true measure

9/40 :Time to give thanks

10/40 :Smile!

11 /40: All the small things

11/40 :All the small things

12/40 :Every rose has its thorns

13 /40: You live but once...

13/40 :You live but once...

14 /40: What's most important

14/40 :What's most important

15/40 :Flex that muscle

16 /40: You're blessed...

16/40 :You're blessed...

17/40 :That attitude

18 /40: Much to be thankful for

18/40 :Much to be thankful for

19/40 :Going and going

20 /40: You'll find a lot

20/40 :You'll find a lot

21/40 :Be present

22/40 :Peace be with you

23 /40: Once is enough

23/40 :Once is enough

24 /40: Break the habit

24/40 :Break the habit

25/40 :The only prayer you need

26 /40: See that rainbow

26/40 :See that rainbow

27/40 :A good dinner

28 /40: You can learn it

28/40 :You can learn it

29/40 :Bring on those showers

30 /40: What do you believe?

30/40 :What do you believe?

31 /40: Don't forget to finish

31/40 :Don't forget to finish

32/40 :Give and take

33 /40: Things are just that

33/40 :Things are just that

34/40 :Let it overflow

35/40 :They make a difference

36/40 :A privilege to behold

37/40 :Today is a good thing

38/40 :Make them count

39/40 :Give it up

40/40 :Pin it!

Pin now, give thanks later.