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8 Amazing Airbnbs for a fall getaway you won’t forget

It’s that time of year again, where the trees take on glorious hues, temperatures get just a bit crisper, and pumpkin suddenly becomes the flavor of the moment. If you enjoy these little things that make fall so special, then you’ll want to get the most of them by taking a trip somewhere that embraces the autumnal mood. 

Airbnb is making it so much easier to explore these fall-centric towns, by giving you the chance to see things from the vantage of a local home owner. You and your friends and/or family can have a house all to yourself and never feel like you have to make the bed.

These eight places boast beautiful scenery, awesome community festivals and fabulous nearby food that will warm you up when the nights start getting cold. And some may only be a car ride away!

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