A Father's Day gift guide that doesn't have a single tie

by Bethany Ramos
May 26, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET
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If you’ve ever had that panicky moment when you spent way too much money because you had no idea what you were shopping for, then you’ve probably tried to buy a Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day shopping is hard, y’all, and it’s no wonder that Father’s Day spending has climbed to $12.7 billion, as of last year. Most of us are freaking out and buying Dad all the clichéd and often expensive Father’s Day stuff (like ties, tools and golf lessons) because we don’t know what to get him again for the 10th year in a row.

If this Father’s Day impulse-buying hysteria sounds familiar, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a full collection of some of our favorite out-of-the-tie-box gifts that are sure to make the main man in your life feel extra special this year. Even better, most of the gifts on this list are affordable (though we've thrown in a few fun splurges too).

1 /27: Bartending set

1/27 :Bartending set

Channeling his inner bartender, now he has the perfect excuse to make a dry martini as his Father’s Day treat — shaken, not stirred. (Amazon, $30)

2 /27: Kegerator

2/27 :Kegerator

Give your dad the ultimate beer experience with his very own Kegerator. There are several options available on Amazon.com, and they range from about $500 to $1,000, depending on size and quality. (Amazon, $474)

3 /27: Camera flask

3/27 :Camera flask

For the dad on the go who likes to pretend he is taking pictures whilst he drinks. (World Market, $25)

4 /27: The Tattoo Coloring Book

4/27 :The Tattoo Coloring Book

Adult coloring is in, and any dad with tats is going to get a kick out of coloring in this uber-detailed book. (Amazon, $12)

5 /27: Bespoke suit

5/27 :Bespoke suit

If your dad wears a suit every day, give him the gift of a beautiful custom suit. He'll look incredibly sharp and can customize it to his taste.

6 /27: New-dad key chain

6/27 :New-dad key chain

Get ready for your heart to explode. A new dad who loves to fish will hang this personalized key ring proudly. (Etsy, $35)

7 /27: Father’s Day bottle opener

7/27 :Father’s Day bottle opener

For the dad with a sense of humor: After all these years of parenting, you certainly deserve a drink. (Etsy, $23)

8 /27: 'Star Wars' shirt

8/27 :'Star Wars' shirt

If the irony of this Darth Vader dad shirt doesn’t get him, then at the very least he may appreciate its epic Star Wars theme. It doesn’t hurt that this clever tee will cost you less than $20 if you have Amazon Prime. (Amazon, $15)

9 /27: Electronic Chewbacca mask

9/27 :Electronic Chewbacca mask

This hilarious mask is so on trend right now that it’s not even funny. Any dad with a viral sense of humor is going to get the joke. (Amazon, $100)

10 /27: Wood-and-bone frames

10/27 :Wood-and-bone frames

Dads have a sentimental side and like framed pictures too — especially when they come in artisanal frames that are as sleek as these. (West Elm, $39)

11 /27: Beer-making kit

11/27 :Beer-making kit

Does your dad love a cold beer? Why not give him a chance to be a brewmaster? Beer-making kits are available on Amazon.com for as low as $40. (Amazon, $40)

12 /27: F-bomb paperweight

12/27 :F-bomb paperweight

What can you get for the dad who loves dad jokes just a little too much? This quite literal F-bomb paperweight, made of recycled steel, of course. (Uncommon Goods, $45)

13 /27: GAME GOLF

13/27 :GAME GOLF

The GAME GOLF digital tracking system can help your dad improve his swing or at least keep stats on it. It retails for around $150. He can record the information on his tablet or even on his phone. (Amazon, $145)

14 /27: Garmin Forerunner 220

14/27 :Garmin Forerunner 220

If your dad likes to run or hike, this fitness watch is perfect. It has a GPS and a heart rate monitor. It retails for $299. (Amazon, $299)

15 /27: Brewery tour

15/27 :Brewery tour

This one may require a little more planning on your part and a lot of reading of the fine print, but Groupon is always running some kind of local deal for a brewery, winery or even distillery tour. Dad can pick his poison.

16 /27: Tickets to a game

16/27 :Tickets to a game

If your dad truly has everything, then give him the gift of a day out doing something he loves. Tickets to a game with his favorite sports team will always be a hit.

17 /27: Personalized jersey

17/27 :Personalized jersey

Get your sports-loving dad his very own jersey. You can personalize just about any team’s jersey depending on what sport your dad loves. (e-Custom Football Shirts, $249)

18 /27: Leather passport cover

18/27 :Leather passport cover

You’re going to make his day with a gift like this, followed by the promise of planning a father-daughter trip together soon. Aww. (West Elm, $44)

19 /27: Scotch-infused toothpicks

19/27 :Scotch-infused toothpicks

Behold, the “rad dad” gift you have been looking for all along — because all toothpicks should taste like scotch. (Uncommon Goods, $36)

20 /27: 'Game of Thrones' Clue

20/27 :'Game of Thrones' Clue

Do you even need to ask why Dad needs this? Because now he can spin his elaborate GoT fan theories for hours while simultaneously beating you in a game of Clue. (HBO, $50)

21 /27: Indoor terrarium

21/27 :Indoor terrarium

The dad with a green thumb is going to love cultivating these little guys on his desk. The unique terrarium shape also makes for a great conversation piece. (West Elm, $29)

22 /27: Amazon Fire tablet

22/27 :Amazon Fire tablet

For the dad who’s still reading paper books (bless his heart), the Amazon Fire tablet is cheaper than ever. Bonus: It has a rear-facing camera to take pictures and video too. (Amazon, $50)

23 /27: Personalized cigar set

23/27 :Personalized cigar set

Personalized cigar lighter and cigar cutter? Dads love this kind of stuff. (Don’t forget the fancy cigar too!) (Etsy, $40)

24 /27: Bamboo French press

24/27 :Bamboo French press

If Dad is ready to up his coffee game, this ultra-hip French press will appeal to his java snob sensibilities. (World Market, $20)

25 /27: Whiskey decanter

25/27 :Whiskey decanter

A personalized whiskey decanter along with his favorite bottle of high-end whiskey is both thoughtful and useful. Go for a bottle that your dad typically wouldn't buy for himself. (Home Wet Bar, $77)

26 /27: Sound wave art print

26/27 :Sound wave art print

This one’s sure to bring even the most stoic of dads to tears — a custom wall print made from a recording of the kids saying “I love you.” (Etsy, $15)

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Originally published Dec. 2014. Updated May 2016.