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14 Trends we wish would just die already

Just like the rest of us, copywriter Eileen Matthews and graphic designer Cristina Vanko have certain trends that they wish would just die already. So they decided to find a way to showcase them for The Great Discontent’s 100 Day Project on Instagram. Matthews told SheKnows, “Everyone complains about things on social media, but we wanted to do it better. Moreover, we wanted to take each of our individual strengths into consideration.” Matthews is a comedy writer and Vanko an expert at hand-lettering — together they came up with creating hilarious graves to mark the passing of stupid/annoying trends. Pretty clever, right?

The point of the 100 Day Project is to complete the work over 100 days. While the work creating the headstones is fun and straightforward for the most part, it isn’t always an easy undertaking. “It takes time, effort, sometimes even a glass of wine, and they’re not all home runs. But I think that’s part of the beauty of the 100 Day Project — it’s about pushing yourself to create not to create a masterpiece.”

However, we love what they’ve created thus far. Check out the rest on Matthew’s Instagram page. Once the project is complete, they intend to turn the whole concept into an illustrated book.

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