25 Quotes About America That'll Put You In a Patriotic Mood

by Desiree Pharias
Jun 20, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. ET

For better or for worse, the United States of America is our country. Fourth of July is the perfect time to pay homage to the United States.

These patriotic quotes are simple reminders of why it's so great to be an American.

Originally published May 2016. Updated June 2017.

1 /26: One nation

1/26 :One nation

Oliver Wendell Homes included this line in one of his famous poems back in the 1800s. 

2/26 :Freedom

Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke this quote while giving a speech on September 22, 1936.

3 /26: Be better

3/26 :Be better

This was spoken by Albert Camus, who was a nobel prize winning author, journalist, and philosopher.

4/26 :Home

Henry James was an American writer, composing a number of novels. 

5 /26: Determination

5/26 :Determination

On January 8, 1947, Harry Truman said this in a message to Congress.

6 /26: Do what is right

6/26 :Do what is right

This was said by entertainer Peter Marshall, who began his career in television, film and broadway in 1950.

7/26 :An idea

Condoleezza Rice was the first female African-American secretary of state. 

8/26 :Change

The first African-American president Barack Obama said this on January 6, 2008.

9/26 :Honest

Abolitionist Fredrick Douglass was the first black citizen to hold a high U.S. government rank.

10 /26: Dignity

10/26 :Dignity

Eleanor Roosevelt was the longest-serving First Lady and the first to hold press conferences.

11 /26: Pay it forward

11/26 :Pay it forward

Bobby Kennedy spoke the truth when addressing young adults in South Africa in 1966.

12 /26: Responsibility

12/26 :Responsibility

Former First Lady and possible first woman president Hillary Clinton broadens our worldview.

13 /26: Ingenuity

13/26 :Ingenuity

Mark Twain knows the greatest American invention is the equality we have created for ourselves.

14 /26: Friendship

14/26 :Friendship

Yet another bold and beloved First Lady, Michelle Obama explains the bond that holds us together.

15/26 :Family

Known for his beautiful and long-lasting marriage, Reagan attributes America's success to the family unit.

16 /26: Diversity

16/26 :Diversity

If you want to know what makes America great, look to your right and left next time you walk down the street.

17 /26: United we stand

17/26 :United we stand

As Roosevelt said, working for the common good is the only way to keep moving forward.

18 /26: True patriotism

18/26 :True patriotism

LBJ's VP spoke on the glue that holds this country together.

19 /26: Economic growth

19/26 :Economic growth

Thank you, Dr. King, for reminding us that compassion, as well as success, is the American way.

20 /26: Land of opportunity

20/26 :Land of opportunity

The humanitarian and rock legend on why he'll always be a fan of the U.S.

21 /26: Who we are

21/26 :Who we are

Leave it to Bill to sum it up nicely: the good in America will always outweigh the bad.

22 /26: Peace comes from freedom

22/26 :Peace comes from freedom

Now we understand what it really means to live free.

23 /26: Freedom to be yourself

23/26 :Freedom to be yourself

Take it from someone who's living the American dream.

24 /26: Our precious freedom

24/26 :Our precious freedom

This is why we fight so hard for the future of our country.

25 /26: The tireless minority

25/26 :The tireless minority

It only takes a few passionate people to make a difference.

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