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Your February Horoscope: The Planets Are Sensing Tension In Love

Nicole Chiarella

Love (or something else kinda funky) is in the air, sweet signs. February is nigh, and damn, do the planets and ~sexual tension~ know it. Because henny, this February 2020 horoscope is full of astrological vitamins for YOU. Like a celestial smoothie from Whole Foods. Snap a pic, post it on IG. Then harvest those sweet, sweet likes.

I have always been one to preach the evil of capitalism and Valentine’s Day from on high, advocating for more of a *do tiny things every day for your person* versus *ball out for a single, arbitrary date and pay way too much for chicken parmesan.*

But now, in my infinite wisdom, I’m like—why not both?

Because life is not a romantic movie, this we know. No one with a chiseled jawline or cushy PR job is going to show up and save you from yourself. No one can do that.

We can put gas in our person’s car before a big presentation at work or school. We can fix their coffee in the morning, leave them a note on their windshield, or text them pictures of baby animals until they demand that you stop.

But we can also slow dance on mountain tops and kiss in the rain and do all of these things we see reflected back at us, perfectly well-lit. Maybe we can’t achieve it always, or without its own price—but more and more, I think we can have as much love as we’re willing to ask for.

It takes bravery to do that. This February, I want to be less cynical of chalky heart candy and cupid’s arrows and overly-sweet chocolate. I want to prove everyone wrong—that we can celebrate both ordinary AND big moments, simultaneously. That everything doesn’t have to be black and white, simple or complicated.

For me, love is talking down hysterical 7-year-old students from ending it all when their drawings of pumpkin pie do not turn out as planned. It’s slow Sunday mornings on my couch, a book in my lap, coffee rings on my beat-to-shit table, and the usual existential dread that comes with being alive and still having an animal brain and two semi-useless degrees. It’s my half-blind dog splayed out across my lap, making typing near-to-impossible.

But it’s also dancing in dark kitchens for an audience of roaches, and ceremonies where all my best friends cry. It’s engagements and new babies and when you put it all together, it almost looks like a movie, doesn’t it?

This February, the zodiac bolsters you to ask for love with strength and compassion. Sweet signs, enjoy this month of love and stickers, moments with close friends, and all of the trappings of a beautiful life.

This story was originally published on STYLECASTER

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