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According to Your January Horoscope, This Might Just Be the Best New Year Ever

Nicole Chiarella

Ring, ring, sweet signs. Your January 2020 horoscopes are calling and not leaving a voicemail, because that is something that only doctors’ offices and serial killers do. We have a lot to look forward to this year—new, big beginnings; awakenings; and deep, transformative growth. Yes, that is true of every year, but with this new decade, everything is magnified. We are more connected than ever, although right now, these connections are shallow. Insubstantial comments and ‘likes’ on a Facebook picture from an old coworker. In 2020 and beyond, the shallow will fall away, leaving us with deeper meanings.

But first, I need to address something: the fact that the year 2020 definitely feels fake. Just looking at that number on the screen, it’s like some indecipherable binary code not meant to be cracked. But crack it I shall! And why not? I am still in the midst of the revolution I decided to start in December, wherein I took my anger and hurts and irritations from circa 2016 and put them right front and center where I could see the whites of their eyes.

It’s 2020 and I am not fucking around.

With Saturn as the ruling planet for 2020, Capricorn will continue to keep us focused on achieving important goals and persevering. This month (and year!) will challenge us to do our best, and the energy will give us that extra razzle-dazzle to get it done.

You’ve probably already read a million articles about the new year—some good, some bad, and hopefully a few that were slightly unhinged and made you think. There is always an uproar for a new year, and everyone has an opinion about it. My opinion? Shit slaps. Yes, it can absolutely be just another holiday that makes us feel less worthy and important than ever. But! It doesn’t have to be.

For the last few years, I’ve taken to writing down my monthly highlights in my phone’s notes app. It feels less serious than if it were its own word document, so I keep it casual. Think friends with benefits, but with less emotional unavailability. I write down a few bullet points of cool shit I did, things that happened, movies and books that were good, and occasionally, a really excellent story of something someone did while drunk. Then I read it all over on Jan. 1, and it makes me feel like a million bucks. I love it. That’s what I need to feel excited for the future and thankful for the past.

Looking at this month and the new year and decade ahead, I hope you feel excited. Good things, as always, are coming to you.

This story was originally published on STYLECASTER. 

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