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Where You Should Travel in 2020, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Plan to fly the skies or hit the road and explore the world next year? You’re far from alone, as worldwide travel has, undoubtedly, been on the rise and will only continue to be. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, travel and tourism grew 3.9 percent in 2018; and according to, “2020 will be a year of travel exploration like never before, fueled by technology as well as a growing sense of responsibility and deeper connection with the people and places we visit.” Even Pinterest’s 2020 trends report lists responsible, eco-conscious travel as one of its biggest predicted trends, with travelers much more cognizant of their environmental impact and embracing cleaner methods of transportation. And to help you decide exactly where you should travel to in 2020, we turned to astrology expert Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at and, who revealed that, for the most part, we’re all in for quite the year.

“2020 is set to be a life-changing year for many signs,” says Montúfar, who added that Libras, Cancers, and Tauruses will see the biggest changes next year, while Aquariuses are in for a year “full of surprises.” Capricorns can expect a “major new version” of themselves to be on the rise, and as for Pisces? Well, Pisces should expect an “exciting and expansive year.”

Ahead, take a look at exactly where you should travel to based on your zodiac sign, why you should travel there, and how you’ll benefit from the trip — all in Montúfar’s own words.

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