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21 White Elephant Gifts You Can Score on Amazon for Less than $20

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

The perfect White Elephant gift is a little bit funny, a little bit zany, and ideally, a little bit practical, too. The thing can’t be too useful, but hopefully, it’s not a tedious waste of space, either. (It shouldn’t be the first thing Kondoed from your recipient’s life on January 1 — maybe just the tenth.) But above all else, the perfect White Elephant gift is convenient. Random gift swaps are supposed to be fun and low-maintenance. That’s the point. So consider this your excuse to exclusively buy White Elephant gifts on Amazon for less than $20 — maybe even less than $10.

Of course, it’d be reductive to suggest you should only buy White Elephant gifts on Amazon. Plenty of your other favorite stores offer zany gifts during the holiday season—why not pay visits to those, too? My argument is simple: Buying a White Elephant gift on Amazon is the modern-day equivalent of running to the grocery store and grabbing a trinket on your way out. You’re merely adding something extra to the shopping cart you’ve filled with necessities. You didn’t pay a visit to the store specifically to buy a White Elephant gift—you’re already there. And if you’re already there, why not knock that White Elephant item off your to-do list?

Since the idea behind White Elephants is to make gift swaps as low-key as possible, the only way to fail is to try too hard. To dedicate too much thought to ideating the perfect gift. To spend too much time running to this store and that. To spend too much money on the thing you end up buying. So don’t. The next time you find yourself on Amazon, add a few under-$20 White Elephant items to your cart and call it a day. Don’t overthink. Don’t overspend. Don’t over-exert. Just toss that sucker in your cart, and accept that you’ve fulfilled your civic duty as a White Elephant gift-giver. You nailed it.

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