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Easy Painted Pumpkin Ideas for People Who Don’t Want to Deal With Gooey Guts

It’s hard to say anything negative about Halloween, but there is one not-so-fun chore that the beloved jack-o-lantern carving process conjures up: scraping and cleaning pumpkin guts. Sure, the seeds are nice for roasting but the whole experience would be a lot more fun if we could skip that whole scooping out the insides part, right? Well, that’s where painted pumpkins come in.

If your kids are totally grossed out by cleaning their pumpkins or if you want to just take knives out of the equation completely, there are tons of fun ways to get festive, paint your pumpkins and avoid the mess and hassle of carving them. Another bonus? Painted pumpkins last much longer than carved pumpkins so you won’t have any rotting pumpkins sitting on your porch steps before Halloween even gets here. If painting sounds like the decorating method for you, here are simple, yet gorgeous ways to paint your pumpkins this year.

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