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Your November Horoscope Is Here

Nicole Chiarella

Salutations, sweet signs, and get ready to unearth your November 2019 horoscope! About half of me refuses to believe that November is already here, aka holiday season, aka I’m-going-to-eat-whipped-cream-until-I-quite-literally-puke-season (because my mother makes that shit from scratch, and it’s more fulfilling than at least half of my friendships).

Unfortunately, the other half of me lives in reality, and has to pay rent and pump gas—so here I am, acknowledging that time is a clever ruse and I’m still lactose intolerant. But whatever, the holidays are here! (Also, Scorpio season.) And man, this is such a weird time of reckoning. All the normal things we stress about during the normal year seem to fade into the background as we revert to memories and patterns of our childhood.

And lately, I’ve been thinking what baby-me would have to say about where I am now. I used to spend so much time daydreaming about what it would be like to be an adult in charge of my own life. Because what I’m most proud of—even more than my education or truly amazing interior decorating skills or impressive collection of jumpsuits—is how much I’ve learned about not settling or the importance of asking for exactly what I want and need, no qualifiers.

It’s scary as hell to do, but looking at my life and having that never settle for bullshit mindset was exactly what I needed to get here and to lead this life that I really do love. But, if I’m being honest, I’ve been feeling like I could do more, lately. I feel like I’m making myself a little smaller with each time I don’t speak up if someone’s disrespected me or I feel like I’m being undervalued. I haven’t been allowing myself to take up more space—but that’s all going to change.

I don’t want to be ruled by fear anymore. I want love and support in this present moment. I don’t want to be ashamed to ask.

And this November, that’s what I want for you, too. I want you to stop settling and be honest about what you need. To say things that will make others accountable for their behavior, even if it means making them uncomfortable. You get to ask for what you want. You get to make choices about who shows up for you and who continually misses the mark. You get to be wrong, sometimes. You get to choose your own definition of self-care. And you get to eat the whipped cream. All of it.

This story was originally published on Stylecaster. 

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