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14 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make Out of All Your Amazon Boxes

Listen, there’s only one more weekend standing between you and Halloween — which means if you haven’t already ordered your kids’ Halloween costumes, you probably missed the window, my friend. But not only is it possible to whip up some last-minute DIY costume cuteness, you can also justify your Amazon obsession in the process. Yes, really. How? Well, let us introduce you to a little thing called “boxtumes.”

Got a stack of Amazon smile boxes collecting dust in a corner somewhere? Don’t be embarrassed; we’d be more alarmed if you didn’t. And now you definitely don’t have to feel any shame over your smile-box-hoarding tendencies, because you can repurpose them to create costumes for your little ones (and yourself, if you’re feeling festive). If you’re thinking you’re not crafty enough, don’t. It doesn’t get much easier than putting your old smile boxes to good use — and, bonus, you can rope your kids into the DIY fun by having them paint and decorate their very own boxtumes.

We rounded up some inspiration, and it goes without saying any of these are sure to be a big hit on Halloween. But feel free to get creative. There are no rules when it comes to boxtumes, so go wild!

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